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It is an era of dating websites as well as applications. That is why more and more online dating platforms are coming into existence. However, each of them comes with some unique touch.

 Hence, it is obvious to prefer one platform over others based on your personality. Whether you would like to get into a deep connection or speed dating, an online dating platform can be an ideal option for you.

However, to extract more opportunities, most individuals open accounts on multiple dating platforms. If you just want to call it quits and stop using a dating website altogether, you are free to do it. It applies to your account as well.

It is not easy to maintain all accounts of dating platforms. Hence, if you have decided to delete one or some of them, you need to follow the correct steps to make that happen. In case it is about deleting a account, note that it is a simple process.

Nonetheless, account deletion also comes significant when it comes to the account of a deceased family member. Do you wonder how to delete match account? It is time to discuss it without further ado.

How to Delete Your Account?

Although is a social platform, you cannot ignore its personal aspect. You need to be too careful when it comes to sharing anything, as it may pose security threats. It may seem tempting to share some detailed information about you (such as the name of your hometown or your favorite color).

Delete Match Account

Nonetheless, it may invite hackers to try to access and exploit your personal information, as these questions are common security questions on many websites. Therefore, if you think you no longer wish to use your or you do not have time to maintain your account, you can consider deleting it.

On the other hand, you can also decide to delete the account If you have already found your ideal partner or prefer to try another dating platform. Also, if you are concerned about your account’s security, deleting the account might help you.

Delete Your Match Account through a Web Browser:

It is time to talk about the step-by-step process of deleting match com account via a web browser:

  • Launch your favorite web browser on your computer to get your Match account deleted. Note that it is not possible to delete the account from the application.
  • Next, visit www match com from the web browser.
  • It is time to match. com sign in if you are not already logged in to your account.
  • Note that you need to log into the Match account that you wish to delete.
  • Next, click on “Settings” and locate the “Change/Cancel Membership” option. Click on this option.
    cancel membership
  • You would be accessing the confidential segment of Match at this point. Therefore, the platform would ask you to enter your account’s password again. Fill in the password correctly and click on the “Continue Cancellation” option.

It is also a must to cancel the auto-renewal option of your subscription before moving forward to the next step. Click on the “Subscription Status” option to make sure the same.

Once you have checked the subscription status, it is time to click on the option to cancel your membership and remove your profile.

Congratulations! You have learned how to delete match com account. Next, wait for receiving a membership cancellation notification.

The aforementioned step-by-step process would cancel match account. However, your account would be deleted permanently after 365 days. That means you can come back and start using again if you change your mind anytime within the account deletion period. Note that you would just need to log into your account with the correct credentials (username & password).

How to Cancel Your Subscription from Android? A Step-by-Step Guide

Note that it is not possible to delete your account through the application. Nonetheless, you can cancel your subscription as well as hide your Match account from the search results. Let us check out the steps to cancel your subscription from Android:

  • First, launch the Match application.
  • Next, opt for the “Menu” option.
  • It is time to tap “Settings.”
  • Locate the “Profile Visibility” option and choose “Hidden.” As a result, your profile would be hidden and other Match users won’t see your profile.
  • Next, launch the Google Play Store app.
  • Tap on “Menu” and next on “Account.”
  • Next, choose “Subscription” to view the list of all of your subscriptions.
  • Tap on the “Match” option.
  • Tap on “Cancel” and on “Yes” to verify your decision.
  • Follow the above process and you can easily hide your profile. Do not forget to deactivate the automatic payment option to your subscription.

The above steps won’t delete your Match account altogether. However, it would almost delete your account, as nobody would be able to find your account on this platform. If you are looking for match com account delete, then follow the deletion process through web browser (mentioned earlier).

How to Cancel Your Subscription on iPhone/iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

It is convenient for users to cancel their subscription on iPhone or iPad. It is time to take a look at the steps below:

  • Go to the “Settings” app on the iPhone or iPad.
  • Keep scrolling down the page to locate “iTunes & App Store.” Tap on this option.
  • It is time to tap on the Apple ID.
  • As a result, you would get a popup menu on the screen. Choose the “View Apple ID” option. You might be asked to provide your Apple ID’s password. Do accordingly as you are instructed.
  • Keep scrolling down the page and opt for “Subscription.”
  • Next, choose the “Match Subscription” option from the given list.
  • Select “Cancel Subscription” and a pop-up screen would appear. You need to click on “Confirm.”

Congratulations! You have canceled the Match subscription successfully. However, your profile would still be there on this platform.

If you have any queries regarding your account deletion (such as login failure on mobi match), contact the customer support team @

Wrapping Up

If you have decided to say goodbye to your account, then it is time to execute the steps of deletion. Do you want to switch to another dating platform? May you get your ideal partner soon!

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