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Day6 is a boyband from South Korea that operates under the label JYP Entertainment. The date of debut boyband was 7th September 2015 when they debuted with the single The Day. Ultimately, the debut went on to being 2nd position on Billboard’s World Album Chart after a week it was released.

Initially, there were 6 Day6 members; however, two of the members Junhyeok and Jae departed on 27th February 20216, and 31st December 2021 respectively. Ever since the band came into action, it has been actively engaging in composing, producing as well as writing music.

Day6 Members Age, Birthday, Height, Weight and Zodiac sign

Day6 Members Name

Day6 Members Age

Day6 Members Birthday

Day6 Members Height

Day6 Members Weight

Day6 Members Zodiac Sign


30 16th January 1993 177 CM (5’10”) 70 KG Capricorn

Young K

30 19th December 1993 180 CM (5’11”) 68 KG Sagittarius


29 28th April 1994 176 CM (5’9”) 60 KG Taurus


28 25th August 1995 177 CM (5’10”) 63 KG Virgo

Day6 Members Kpop Profile

day6 members

Detailed information about the Day6 members has been mentioned below:-


Dowoon’s birth name is Yoon Do Woon he is the maknae, vocalist as well as drummer of the group. This Day6 kpop was born in South Korea’s Busan on 195 on the 25th of August. The band was initially called 5LIVE but later it was changed to Day6 by the time this band member joined it. Dowoon is a Virgo who weighs around 63.5 kg and height is somewhere around 177 cm. moreover, his blood type is O.


Sungjin’s birthname is Park Sung-jin his role in the band is that of a Rhythm Guitarist, leader as well as the main vocalist. He was born in Busan of South Korea on 16th January 1993 but later went to Seoul to live there. In terms of his personal information, he is a Capricorn whose weight is 70 kg and weight is 177 cm. Furthermore, his blood type is A. earlier being a member of this band, he was also a member of the original formation of Day6 which was known as 5LIVE it changed its name because the audience started drawing similarities between it and Maroon 5 an American band.

Young K

The Day6 profile of this member includes him beginning his career under the name of Brian Kang where he was the member of a musical trio in Canada’s Toronto. In the band, he plays the role of a bassist, and the main rapper as well as the main vocalist; he was born in South Korea’s llsan but later moved to Toronto Canada where he did his high school. He was born in 1993 on the 19th of December. When it comes to his personal information, his zodiac sign is Sagittarius and his weight and height are 68 kg and 180.2 cm respectively.


The birth name of Wonpli is Kim Won Pil who shoulders the responsibility of a visual, synthesizer, and keyboardist as well as of a main vocalist in the group. Young K was born in Incheon of South Korea in 1994 on the 28th of April. Originally, he was one of the founding members of the 5Live which later was named asDay6. When it comes to his physical standards, he stands a solid 176 cm tall and his weight is around 60 kg. Besides this, his zodiac sign is Taurus and A is his blood type.

Former members of Day6

Detailed information including both the professional as well as personal demographics of the former members is mentioned below:-


Jae is one of the two former members who were the face of the group, the main vocalist as well as the lead guitarist of group. His birth name is Park Jae Hyung. He was born in 1992 on 15th September in Buenos Aires, Argentina. However, by the time, he turned 5, his family moved to California. In the case of his personal information, he is a Virgo whose weight is 65 kg and height is 183 cm. besides this, his blood type is O. before joining Day6, he usually posted songs on his YouTube channel.


Junhyeok is another former member of the group who was the keyboardist and the vocalist of the group. In terms of the zodiac sign, he is a Cancer who was born on 1993 17th of July. Furthermore, his weight is 58 kg and his height is somewhere around 175 cm. other than this his blood group is type O.


The first-ever full-length album which was known as ‘Sunrise’, comprised songs that were released in the Every DaY6 Project’s first half. It went on to 14th number on the greatest K-pop albums of the 2010s: Staff list of Billboard. In the year 2017, the band released at least two songs every month concerning the Every Day6 project.

As a result, by the time the project came to an end, the band had already 25 songs in their discography with several genres ranging from hard rock to upbeat as well as mellow ballads. Thus, this is all the information that was there to know about the Day6 kpop group.

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