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Dainik Bhaskar is a daily newspaper available in the Indian Hindu language and is cordially owned by the Dainik Bhaskar Group. Dainik Bhaskar has marked its territory by acquiring the position of 4th in the world in terms of circulation and by far is one of the largest newspapers that have existed in India by the case of its circulation. This newspaper was officially started in around 1958 in Bhopal and encountered a major expansion in 1983 with the Indore edition of Dainik Bhaskar. The newspaper also went online in 2014 April as it was launched online with its Hindi edition in Uttar Pradesh. Fast forward to June 2017, Dainik Bhaskar launched its Hindi News namely on three of its platforms which are IOS, Android, and Windows.

About Dainik Bhaskar Quiz

The Dainik Bhaskar Quiz comprises questions that are generally based on general knowledge. To complete the quiz, the individual will be allotted around 1 minute and 60 seconds. Here, the individual will play the Dainik Bhaskar Knowledge App Quiz and will win scratch cards every other day. Each new day, the Dainik Bhaskar general knowledge quiz brings about new and updated quizzes on its app at 8 pm in the very evening, and the questions in the quiz are based on basic general knowledge that is simple and easy to solve.

The best part about the quiz is that each question will be accompanied by a hint, so, if the individual is confused, he or she can seek the help of hints so that all the questions in the quiz can be successfully attempted. Apart from this, the players can also invite their friends if they are interested to play the Dainik Bhaskar today quiz app as it will help them in earning free Paytm cash for every successful referral. So, go ahead and download the app and signup to play the quiz and earn Paytm cash.

How to play the Dainik Bhaskar App Quiz?

Dainik Bhaskar Quiz Answers Today

To play the Dainik Bhaskar Quiz, the following steps are to be followed:-

  • Click on the link provided and follow up by downloading the Dainik Bhaskar app.
  • Open the app and then follow up by signing up or if not, then log in to the app with the help of the mobile number.
  • An option showing ‘क्विज खेलें और जीतें’ will appear, tap on that and play the quiz.
  • As soon as you are done completing the quiz, the individual will receive up scratch card up to Rs.10.

Rules of Dainik Bhaskar Knowledge Quiz

Certain rules are to be followed thoroughly when it comes to Dainik Bhaskar today’s quiz answer and they are as follows:-

  • The quiz must be completed within 2:30 minutes.
  • Each question must be answered only once.
  • The scratch will be awarded only after the confirmation that all the answers entered in the Dainik Bhaskar quiz answers today are correct.

Bhaskar App Quiz Answers Today – 8th March 2023

The following are the set of quizzes that were displayed on Dainik Bhaskar today quiz that is on 8th April 2022:-

Q1. एक्ट्रेस यामी गौतम अपनी नई फिल्म के खराब रिव्यू पर नाराज हैं। इस फिल्म का नाम क्या है?

Answer- ( C) दसवीं

Q2.एक्ट्रेस रेणुका शहाणे के पति भी मशहूर एक्टर हैं। उनके पति का नाम क्या है?

Answer- ( B) आशुतोष राणा

Q3.ज्योतिरादित्य को अपने पिता का ही सरकारी बंगला अलॉट हुआ है। उनके पिता कौन थे?

Answer- (B )माधवराव सिंधिया

Q4.साल 2050 तक मुंबई समेत 6 भारतीय शहर समुद्र में डूब जाएंगे। यह बात किस एजेंसी ने कही है?

Answer- ( D)ग्लोबल रिस्क मैनेजमेंट फर्म

Q5. युजवेंद्र चहल ने इंटरव्यू में 2013 की एक घटना का जिक्र किया है, तब वे किस IPL टीम से खेलते थे?

Answer- (B) मुंबई इंडियंस

Q6.RBI गवर्नर ने ATM पर कार्डलेस विड्रॉल सुविधा की घोषणा की है। RBI गवर्नर का नाम क्या है?

Answer- (C) शक्तिकांत दास

Q7. पाकिस्तान में इमरान खान की किस मंत्री ने कहा है कि सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने तख्तापलट किया है?

Answer- (A) शिरीन माजरी


Thus, these are everything that was there needed to know regarding Dainik Bhaskar Quiz Answers. Now that you have all the knowledge, you are all set to play the quiz and win super rewards in the form of scratch cards.