Top 10 Facts About Choi Beomgyu TXT

Choi is one of the shy and quiet members of the TXT group. Born on 13th March 2001, his actual name Choi is Choi Beom Gyu. He is the visual, center, rapper, dancer, and vocalist of the group.

Through this piece of facts, let’s learn some interesting things about Beomgyu that would help you know your K-pop star from a little closer.

Top 10 Facts About Choi Beomgyu TXT

#1 Ben Choi doesn’t come with a musical background. However, music is an essential part of his household. It was his father who introduced Choi to the world of music after which he realized that he wanted a career in this field.

#2 Choi likes to think about his past as according to him, he has various happy memories in the past. Hence, when he goes back to those times, he can feel those emotions and get consumed by them.

#3 According to a survey, the fan page of Choi on Instagram has more than 1.2 million followers.

#4 No doubt Choi is from South Korea; he is quite influenced by American music as he grew up listening to it. Thus, he is a huge fan of an ABBA group since he was young.

#5 This might surprise you but according to Wikifeet, which is an online celebrity feet database, feet of Choi has earned more than 5-star ratings as there are many people who are in love with his feet.

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#6 People are well aware of his dancing and singing skills, but there are very few who know that Choi is a guitarist also.

#7 Choi is among the people who love to admire the stars on a clear night. According to an interview given by Choi, he loves to look at the sky as it gives him too much comfort and joy as he is a stargazer.

#8 Being open with the fans is something that needs too many guts, and Choi is among the people who love to be in the spotlight and loves to be open with his fans regarding his life, music, etc. during interviews.

#9 Choi can speak three languages including Japanese, Korean, and English.

#10 The nicknames Choi are Cookie and Bamgyu, and he has a Daegu Satoori accent.

Apart from all these, Choi is an individual who has the ability to improve everyone’s mood, and hence, he is also popular as a mood maker in the group.

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