Top 10 Facts About Changbin (Stray Kids)

Changbin is one of the Stray Kids group members performing under JYP Entertainment. Born on 11th August 1999, Changbin was born in Seoul and brought up in Yongin, South Korea. His family members include his parents and one older sister. He is not only positioned as the vocal and rapper of the Stray Kids group but is also the producer.

Want to explore more about this handsome personality? Here are the top 10 facts about Changbin you might be interested to read.

#1 Apart from Chang bin, Han and Bang Chan are the co-producer of the unit named 3RACHA, and in this unit, Changbin is responsible for composing almost all the songs of Stray Kids.

#2 Before he debuted with Stray Kids, Changbin released a mixtape in 2017 under 3RACHA titled “J:/2017/mixtape”.

#3 The personality type of Changbin is ENPF-T while his alias is SpearB in 3RACHA.

#4 Changbin has given several auditions and has also cleared in all of them due to his outstanding rapper skills.

#5 He appeared as a contestant in “Kings of Masked Singer” in episode 261 in which he sang TABLO feat which he did all the singing as well as the rapping part.


#6 Changbin has also appeared as a contestant in “Show Me The Money Season 9” as a hip-hop dancer.

#7 In a meeting with his fans, he once joked about changing his rape name from SPEARB to MC Haribo as the current name comes with a sharp image while the new name would include Haribo as he likes Haribo Jelly.

#8 As soon as he wakes up in the morning, Changbin SKZ has a habit of having apple juice on an empty stomach. Apart from this, his favorite food includes yubuchobap, pasta, and French fries while his favorite flavor is mint-choco while he prefers having ice Americano instead of Hot Americano.

#9 During his schooling days, Changbin was the class president in the elementary school as well as vice president in the sixth grade student body.

#10 Changbin is also an expert in Taekwondo as he started with it at the age of 6 years and he also holds a black belt in the same.

Apart from all these, Changbin Straykids also has an exciting nickname “Pigunny” which is a combination of a bunny and a pig. His hobby list includes shopping and listening to music, especially listening to Kenrick Lamar.

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