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There are multiple banking services for the customers of Canara Bank. The customers will be able to both send and receive money in multiple transaction methods. Thus, the very Canara Bank has made it possible for its respective customers to check their bank balance in the Canara bank. The Canara Bank Balance Enquiry will showcase an entire summary of all the initiated transactions that the account holder has done so that all the finances are kept in check and any kind of fraudulent activity is recognized and respectively dealt with.

How to Check Canara Bank Account Balance online?

For the Canara bank balance checking number, there are a wide number of ways that can be exercised. Following are the ways through which it can be done.

Check Canara Bank Account Balance Through Missed call

For the Canara bank balance check number, a miss call is one of the options that can be initiated. Following are the steps that should be obeyed to check balance through missed calls:

  1. For the English language, dial 0905483483, and for Hindi preferred language, dial 09015613613.
  2. After a few rings, the bank will disconnect the call itself.
  3. The customer will receive an SMS which will comprise the current account balance of the Canara bank.

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Check Canara Bank Account Balance Through Internet banking

For Canara bank balance check number, their official portal can be directly visited and for this follow the below-listed steps:

  1. Visit the portal of the Canara Bank utilizing the customer username and password.
  2. From the displayed menu, tap on the option ‘bank details’.
  3. A fresh page will be displayed that will show the bank balance along with the mini statement options.
  4. Tap on the bank balance tab and then the bank balance will be shown on the screen.

Check Canara Bank Account Balance Through passbook

All the customers of the Canara Bank are respectively issued with their passbook the moment they open a bank account. They can update the passbook by visiting the bank branch where each transaction is mentioned in the passbook. Thus, the Canara Bank comprises all the information related to both the debt as well as credit transactions that the account holder has made. On, On the other hand, enquiring the bank balance of the customer of the Canara Bank can be easily done by net banking as well as mobile banking services from the very comfort of the home.

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Check Canara Bank Account Balance Through ATM

The Canara bank balance check is also possible through ATM. All you have to do is stick to the following steps:

  1. Visit the ATM branch and insert the debit card.
  2. Enter the correct ATM pin and tap on the option ‘balance inquiry/check account balance’.
  3. The account balance will be processed by the system and will be correctly shown on the screen. The customer can take a receipt if they want.

Self-registration to Canara Bank Net Banking Service

Self-registration for net banking can be availed by the Canara bank’s customers holding active debit or credit cards and even the joint account holders (the very 1st holder). So, for registering, one needs to have an active debit/credit card, email id that is associated with the bank account, registered mobile number, and the customer id a well as the bank account.

Mobile Banking of Canara Bank

The process of mobile banking can be initiated in the very Smartphone device. Download the service in the Google play store or App Store. Respectfully, install and then use it for Canara Banking purposes for instance mini-statement, balance check, and such.

  • CANDI-Mobile banking– This is a banking service as well as a transfer fund app, which can be hence used NEFT and RTGS.
  • The Canara bank app CANDI– Through this app, the bank balance, as well as the account statement, can be checked
  • Canara Diya– The customers of the Canara Bank can open a savings account online and can obtain their e-statement direct from the very app.

Toll-Free Number: Canara Bank

The customers of the Canara bank can get access to the toll-free number so, as well as the account statement, along with other bank services. The Canara bank balance inquiry number is 1800-425-0018. After the call is connected, select the ‘language’ along with the ‘banking option’. After this, enter either the entire 12-digit account number or the 16-digit debit card number. Later, follow up by entering the ATM pin to get the account balance.

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