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Have you ever thought about how much electricity the light bulb consumes in your house? Or how much power does the television or any other electric appliance in your house consume? The increasing electric bill has always remained a debatable thing in nearly everyone’s house. And most of the time, people blame heavy appliances like refrigerators, air conditioning, etc. for the increased bill amount. But that’s not the fact.

Through this piece of information, we shall learn how to calculate the power consumption of every electric appliance available in your home.

Things needed to calculate power consumption:

For calculating the power consumption of any appliance, the very first thing needed is the appliance and the technical specification that is given along with the appliance. This is available on the electric appliance in the form of a sticker. If for any reason the sticker isn’t available on the electronic device, you can simply look for the sticker or technical specification details on the internet through the website of the appliance manufacturer or any online shopping website.

Calculate TV’s Power Consumption in a Day

Calculating the power consumption of any appliance

Before initiating the calculation of the power consumption, there are certain terms and conditions you need to know.

Appliance Wattage:

Wattage is nothing but the power rating of the appliance. Wattage helps with an approximate rate or indicator at which the appliance consumes power. For example, if behind your television 50 watts is mentioned, it means the electric consumption of your television would be 50 watts/hour.

Operational Hours:

Operational hours indicate the total number of hours any device is operated. Suppose, if you are willing to measure the power consumed by your television for 5 hours, the operational hours while calculating the power consumption is 5 hours.

Kilowatt Hours:

Also termed kWh, Kilowatt-hours is nothing but the power unit. This is the value you are willing to calculate the electricity provider charges for every kilowatt-hour of electricity the house consumes.

Now that all the terms are clear in your mind, here is how you can calculate the power consumption.

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How to calculate the power consumption of an appliance?

To your surprise, there is a simple power consumption formula that can be used for calculating power consumption.

The formula is very simple:

Power consumption of an appliance = Wattage x Operational hours

However, the values of the formula change as per your calculation consumption. That is whether you are going for daily energy consumption, monthly energy consumption, or annual or yearly energy consumption. So, here are the formulas for the same.

For Daily energy consumption, the formula is:

Daily power consumption = Wattage ratting x number of hours

For monthly energy consumption, the formula is:

Monthly power consumption = Wattage ratting x number of hours x number of days  

For annual or yearly energy consumption the formula is:

Annual power consumption = Wattage ratting x number of hours x 365 days

Let’s take a simple example for understanding how the formula works for calculating the appliance power consumption.

Suppose the power is consumed by a LED TV of 100 Watt that runs for 24 hours every day for a month. So, what would be the power consumption of the LED TV?

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Following the formula for daily consumption, the wattage in this example is 100 Watt. And the operational hours are 24 x 30 days, which is 720 hours every month.

Hence, the power consumed by the 100 watts LED TV would be:

Power consumed by LED TV = 100 watts x 24 hours

Hence, the power consumed by the LED TV is 2400 watts hours for daily calculation.

Similarly, for monthly power consumption, the calculation would be:

Monthly Power Consumption = 100 watts x 24 hours x 30 days

Hence, the power consumed by the LED TV is 72000 watts hours for monthly consumption.

Similarly, for yearly power consumption, the calculation would be:

Annual Power Consumption = 100 watts x 24 hours x 365 days

Hence, the power consumption by the LED TV is 876000 hours for yearly consumption.

However, it should be kept in mind that if you are calculating the power consumption of any electronic appliance that comes with a compressor, the calculated value of the appliance would be quite high compared to the actual value.

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Power Consumption of Any Appliance

How to calculate the electricity bill?

Now that you already know how to calculate the power consumption of the electronic appliance, the next step is to calculate the electricity bills. For this, you need to have your last month’s light bill handy to know how much you have paid per kWh or else, know the electric rate.

Here is the formula to find the electric bill amount.

Monthly Usage (kWh) x Electric Rate ($/kWh) = Appropriate cost per month

However, it should be kept in mind that the appliances hold only a particular portion of your entire electricity bill. This is because there are other appliances on the list like cooling, heater, lighting, etc.


As there are various electronic appliances in a house, there are several exceptions that also affect the calculation. The primary exception is the compressor of the electronic appliance. Electronic appliances like AC, refrigerators, etc. carry compressors inside them. The compressors do not work or say are not ON every time. Again, they might not also work at the same speed every time. Hence, the consumption of power is not the same every time. It keeps on varying depending on the load the appliance is taking.

Henceforth, while using the electronic unit calculator for calculating such electronic appliances, the actual consumption can either be higher or lower than the calculated consumption. Luckily, such appliances come with a sticker that reveals the annual power consumption of the appliance along with the power saving guide that helps in learning about the appliance with ease.

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List of Appliances and Their Power Consumption (Minimum to Maximum)

Amazon Echo Dot2W3WN/A
Amazon Echo Show2W4W0.1W
American-Style Fridge Freezer40W80WN/AAmerican Fridge Freezer,Double Door Refrigerator[1]
Apple TV3W6W0.3W[1]
Aquarium Pump20W50WN/A[1]
AV Receiver450W450WN/A[1]
Bathroom Towel Heater60W150WN/ATowel Rail,Heated Towel Rail
Ceiling Fan60W70W0W[1]
Chromebook45W45WN/AChrome Book[1]
Clock radio1W2WN/A
Clothes Dryer1000W4000WN/ATumble Dryer,Dryer
Coffee Maker800W1400WN/A
Computer Monitor25W30WN/A[1]
Cooker Hood20W30W0W[1]
Corded Drill600W850WN/AElectric Drill[1]
Corded Electric Handheld Leaf Blower2500W2500WN/A[1]
Cordless Drill Charger70W150WN/A
Curling Iron25W35W0W[1]
DAB Mains Radio5W9WN/ADAB Radio
Deep Freezer19W19WN/AChest Freezer[1]168 Kwh/year
Desktop Computer100W450WN/A[1]
Domestic Water Pump200W300W0WShower Water Pump[1]
DVD Player26W60WN/A
Electric Blanket200W200WN/A
Electric Boiler4000W14000WN/A
Electric Doorbell Transformer2W2WN/A
Electric Heater Fan2000W3000WN/A[1]
Electric Kettle1200W3000W0WKettle
Electric Mower1500W1500WN/A
Electric Pressure Cooker1000W1000WN/APressure Cooker[1]
Electric Shaver15W20WN/A
Electric stove2000W2000WN/A[1]
Electric Tankless Water Heater6600W8800WN/A[1]
Electric Thermal Radiator500W500WN/AThermal Radiator[1]
Electric Toothbrush Charger6W6WN/A
Espresso Coffee Machine1300W1500WN/AEspresso Machine
EV Car Charger2000W7000WN/A
EV Home Charger1600W3400WN/A
Evaporative Air Conditioner2600W2600WN/AEvaporative Cooler[1]
External Hard Drive1W3WN/A
Extractor Fan12W12WN/ABathroom Fan[1]
Fluorescent Lamp28W45WN/AFluorescent Tube Light[1]
Food Blender300W400WN/AMixer,Food Processor,Blender,Juice Blender,Juice Mixer[1]
Food Dehydrator800W800WN/ATray Dehydrator[1]
Fridge / Freezer150W400WN/A
Fryer1000W1000WN/ADeep Fat Fryer,Deep Fryer[1]
Game Console120W200WN/A[1]
Gaming PC300W600W1WGaming Computer
Garage Door Opener300W400WN/AElectric Garage DoorAs the door only operates for a short time (10secs?) the kWH value is low
Google Home Mini15W15W2WGoogle Nest Mini[1]
Guitar Amplifier20W30WN/A
Hair Blow Dryer1800W2500WN/ABlow Dryer, Hair Dryer, Hair Drier
Hand Wash Oversink Water Heater3000W3000WN/A[1]
Heated Bathroom Mirror50W100WN/A
Heated Hair Rollers400W400WN/AHeated Rollers[1]
Home Air Conditioner1000W4000WN/AAC,A/C,Air Con
Home Internet Router5W15WN/ARouter
Home Phone3W5W2WDECT Telephone
Home Sound System95W95W1W[1]
Hot Water Dispenser1200W1300WN/AInstant Hot Water Tap,Water Boiler[1]
Hot Water Immersion Heater3000W3000WN/A
Induction Hob (per hob)1400W1800WN/AInduction Stove,Induction Cooking Stove,Electric Cooker,Induction Cooktop
Inkjet Printer20W30WN/APrinter
Inverter Air conditioner1300W1800WN/A
Iron1000W1000WN/AElectric Iron
Jacuzzi3000W7500W1500WHot Tub
Kitchen Extractor Fan200W200WN/A[1]
Laptop Computer50W100WN/ALaptop
Laser Printer600W800WN/A
LED Christmas Lights5W5WN/ATree Lights
LED Light Bulb7W10W0WEnergy Saver Bulb[1][2]
Mi Box5W7W3WMi Box Android
Microwave600W1700W3WMicrowave Oven[1][2]
Night Light1W1W0W
Nintendo Switch AC Adapter7W40WN/A
Outdoor Hot Tub60W500WN/ACanadian Spa,Outdoor spa[1]
Oven2150W2150WN/AElectric Oven
Paper Shredder200W220WN/A
Pedestal Fan50W60WN/ATall Standing Fan,Floor Fan,Stand Fan
Percolator800W1100WN/ACoffee Maker[1]
Philips Hue Smart Bulb8W9W0.4WHue lights
Phone Charger4W7WN/ASmart Phone Charger,Cell Phone Charger,Mobile Phone Charger
Playstation 485W90WN/APS4
Playstation 5160W200WN/APS5
Portable Air Conditioner1000W1200WN/AMobile Air Conditioner
Power Shower7500W10500W0WElectric Shower[1]
Pressure Cooker700W700WN/A[1]
Pressure Washer1500W1500WN/AElectric Pressure Washer
Rice Cooker200W800WN/A[1]
Sandwich Maker700W1000WN/ASandwich Press, Sandwich Toaster
Set Top Box27W30WN/ACable Box,Humax Box
Sewing Machine70W80WN/A[1]
Singer Sewing Machine100W100WN/A
Sky Q 2TB Box40W40WN/ASky Box[1]
Slow Cooker160W180WN/A[1]
Smoke Detector0W1WN/AMains Connected Smoke Detector
Space Heater2000W5000WN/A[1]
Steam Iron2200W2500WN/A[1]
Straightening Iron75W300WN/AHair Straighteners
Submersible Water Pump200W400WN/APool Pump,Sump Pump,Well Pump[1]
Table Fan10W25WN/ADesk Fan
Table Top Fridge10W15WN/AMini Fridge
Tablet Charger10W15WN/A
Tablet Computer5W10WN/A[1]
Tower Fan60W60WN/A[1]
Tube Light (1500mm)22W22WN/A
TV (19" colour)40W100W1W[1]
Vacuum Cleaner450W900W0W[1][2]
Wall Fan45W60W0W
Washing Machine500W500W1WClothes WasherIn the EU, power consumption of Washing Machines is typically given in the form of Annual Power Consumption. This is calculated based on 220 standard washing cycles, made up as follows: 60°C full load (3x), 60°C half load (2x), 40°C half load (2x) for 220 washing cycles.
Water Dispenser100W100WN/A[1]
Water Feature35W35WN/A
Water Filter and Cooler70W100WN/AWater Cooler[1]
WiFi Booster1W2WN/AWiFi Repeater,WiFi Extender,Range Extender
WiFi Router4W10W4WRouter
Window Air Conditioner500W1500WN/AWindow AC
Wine cooler (18 bottles)83W83W0W[1]
Xbox One50W110W14W
100W light bulb (Incandescent)100W100W0W[1]
22 Inch LED TV17W17W0.5W
25" colour TV150W150WN/A
3" belt sander1000W1000WN/A
32 Inch LED TV20W60W1W
42 Inch LED TV58W60W0.3W[1]
46 Inch LED TV60W70W1W[1]
49 Inch LED TV85W85W1W
55 Inch LED TV116W116W0.5W[1]
60W light bulb (Incandescent)60W60W0W[1]
65 Inch LED TV120W130W1W[1]
82 Inch LED TV228W295W0.5W[1]
9" disc sander1200W1200WN/A
Air Cooler65W80WN/A
Air Fryer1500W1500WN/A[1]
Air Purifier25W30WN/A[1]
Amazon Echo3W3W2W

How to calculate power consumption of appliance?

You can calculate power consumption via our Electricity Unit Calculator mentioned above.

How to Calculate Daily, Monthly, And Annual Power Consumption?

We have mentioned formula's for Daily, Monthly, And Annual Power Consumption for any appliance above, do check.

what would be the power consumption of the LED TV?

LED TV consume different number of watts as per their size. We have mentioned the formula for power consumption of LED TV.

Is this Electricity Unit Calculator Accurate?

Yes, it is very accurate.

How to calculate the electricity bill?

For all the appliance, we have mentioned the power consumption formula, using which, you can calculate the electricity bill.


So, now that you are ready with the formulas and another essential detail, you can now easily work on calculating the power consumption of your house appliances to some extent. And this would also help you in reducing the consumption of the appliances that are adding extra figures to your electricity bill.

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