BTS and Plastic Surgery: Everything You Need to Know!

When it comes to plastic surgery, there is no confirmation from the BTS band that they have undergone any kind of plastic surgery. But several conspiracies have been coined by numerous experts. Thus, BTS plastic surgery has been a burning topic in these recent times.

Various K-pop stars have gone through plastic surgery and are very open about it. BTS is one of them whose members were said to have done plastic surgery. The band has officially won over millions and billions of fans from all over the world. One of their achievements includes them breaking into the U.S market with a massive bang. This ultimately justifies the fact there will be more and more K-pop culture in the artist media in the U.S.A. In terms of BTS, before surgery and after that even it did not affect the masses that like the band.

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The agency of the boyband has only confirmed that Suga had shoulder surgery and RM had nose surgery. Other than this, the further rumours of other members are still not clear. In this article, we will discuss BTS plastic surgery before and after as claimed by the experts.

BTS’s member plastic surgery: Expert’s opinions

#1 Jin

When the old and new pictures of Jin were compared fans observed something. All the difference that was there is of nothing but clear skin so concluding that he had plastic surgery. But anticipating that just because of a brighter skin will be completely wrong. The reason behind this is that several external factors can easily bring out some modifications in the color. Apart from this, modification in the color of the hair of this artist has been witnessed.

Jin Plastic Surgery

#2 V

Some experts have stated the fact that V is already a culmination of some of the finest features. When it comes to face, he is already graced with marvellous features. So, this more likely means that he has not undergone any plastic surgery and doesn’t need to.

v plastic surgery

#3 J-Hope

When the before and after images of this BTS member were observed. It was seen there was a drastic change in the nose of the artist. When carefully examined, the modifications consisted of slope contour, bridge, and overall size. Complimentary to this, it was also observed that the artist had a dental whitening done as well.

Jhope plastic surgery

#4 Jimin

Jimin is the lead vocalist of the boyband group. His name has come across various plastic surgery rumors. Some of the burning topics of discussion that have been yet not finalized are that of whether or not Jungkook did double eyelid surgery and nose operation.

Jimin plastic surgery

#5 RM

RM is the sole member of the group who has publicly announced that he had plastic surgery. However, later there were surprise turns of events where he completely denies having cosmetic operations done on his face. RM did his nose surgery and it is known as rhinoplasty.

As stated by Big Hit Entertainment and the management team of the BTS, the surgery involved the treatment of deviated septum. It was done because it was standing as an obstacle in his breathing. Thus, the only case of medical procedure is that of RM among all of the BTS members. All the surgery of RM was done solely for medical purposes.

RM plastic surgery

Although there were other rumours about the members getting their work done is not confirmed yet. Therefore, there is nothing wrong to say that the rise of plastic surgery had not caused any impact on their fan base.

#6 Jungkook

There was some serious diversity in his face, especially his nose. Thus, the Jungkook nose job is the one that the agency has confirmed. Apart from that, some other significant changes in his face might be from natural and normal growth.

Jungkook plastic surgery

#7 Suga

Suga did shoulder surgery as confirmed by the Big Hit Entertainment. When this artist’s appearance was examined, it was seen that he had a very sharp and good-looking face. Unlike the before pictures which showed the corner-cutting, to make the eye, even more. After images of the artist were observed to have a wider eye exposure. This exact conduction is termed to be a simple procedure for all the surgeons in Korea.

Suga plastic surgery

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This was all that was to be known about the plastic surgery of the BTS members. There are some minor changes among the BTS members that have been observed. But according to experts, it is because of puberty, diet efforts, and makeup.

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