How Many BTS Movies are there? BTS Movies List 2023

Surprisingly, all these started with merely knowing the actual names of the BTS members. Today the fans want to get every single detail about them. After hours of watching content about the BTS members if you are still having curiosity about BTS movies in order. You have landed on the right page. By scrolling down this page, you shall come to know about the shows and movies the actors have performed.

Jung book, V, Jimin, J Hope, Sugo, Jin, and RM all are veterans who made their debut collectively in 2013. Hence, there are not many movies on the BTS movies list. However, the ones listed here are surely going to grab your mind and heart with their performances. Let’s check on how many BTS movies are there on the list.

How many BTS movies are there?

Here is a list of the movies done by the BTS band, check out the list of movies by BTS in order.

Burn the Stage

#1 Burn the Stage – The Movie

This movie was released in the year 2018. The movie gives a good opening for understanding the character of every member uniquely. After the success of the band and world tour in 2017. This movie takes the fans of BTS members to the next level as they are yet insecure about their performances. In this movie, the artists have difficulty meeting the expectations of the fans and staying relevant. Their Korean act in 2017 won the Billboard Music Awards. This movie helped them dominate the hearts of their followers and fans.

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#2 Bring the Soul – The Movie

Bring the Soul is the next movie on the list that was released in 2019. After the first movie in 2018, the team went for another world tour. After this, the movie uncovered the band as superstars. While shooting for this movie, the members were well aware of the expectations of their fans or crowd. Hence, they shot the movie accordingly. During the release of this movie, the BTS band members were even more fearful. The movie also features the foot injury of Jungkook due to which he couldn’t dance. In addition to this other members were also on their toes to struggle for the tour.

#3 Break the Silence: Persona: The Movie

Break the Silence: Persona was a movie that was released during the pandemic. Again, it is also the last movie from the band temporarily. The documentary film reveals the fame of the BTS members and their journey while touring. Presently performing sold-out arena shows in significant urban communities. The seven individuals have started to sink into their unprecedented acclaim. Among the shows included in this film is the gathering’s show at the Wembley Stadium in London. The show also invited other notable artists. Witness BTS overwhelm an ocean of fans across nations with their supreme stage presence and gigantic incredible skill. 

Later, it can be concluded that the BTS members have in total 3 movies in their bucket. All BTS movies were warmly welcomed by the fans. Apart from movies, the BTS members have also performed in docu-series and stage performances. Here are the memorable stage shows and documentaries from the BTS group.

#4 Run BTS

Run BTS is a docu-series that was released in 2015 and is currently screening further episodes. In the movie, Run BTS makers concoct games, difficulties, and competitions. The gathering should go through them to get stupendous honors like a ramen cooker, gift checks, or just a serving of their most loved samgyeopsal. Different times, they contend to abstain from humiliating punishments like wearing a hanbok at the air terminal. The terminals where paparazzi line the corridors or climb a mountain first thing in the morning.

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#5 Love Yourself in Seoul

After the success of WINGS, BTS gets back to the stage for their Love Yourself worldwide visit. This finishes with a reprise execution in their old neighbourhood of Seoul. You might have experienced long-term fans saying that BTS shows are stand-out. This full show film brings you directly in the pains of their show held at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium. Get to see astonishing exhibitions of the band’s best hits and solo tunes.

Other popular stage shows and docu-series on the list include BTS in the Soop and Bon Voyage. All these captured the hearts of the listeners and viewers. In fact, In the Soop is a cooking show in which the members prepared the signature recipes they loved.

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