BTS Members Net worth 2023 – Who is the Richest Among BTS?

BTS is a famous boy band in South Korea and has achieved tremendous success in the world of K-pop. BTS’s net worth is quite good. The band consists of 7 members and recently they have released a new album ‘Dynamite’. This album has stayed at the top 100 billboard charts for over three weeks. There is no secret on the fact that every member of the band is a legit millionaire.

Total BTS’s Net worth – $500 Million

As justified by a business insider, it is said that the net worth of the BTS band as a certain group is approximated around is $100 million. BTS hence is labelled as the best-selling music band in the entire history of K-pop. A survey conducted in 2019 showed that their act was reportedly worth somewhere around 0.3% of the GDP of South Korea. Thus contributing to the $4.6 billion to the economy of the country. Thus, BTS’s net worth has productively helped to raise the economy of their country.

The paychecks are drawn by the member through their collective musical efforts that comprise songwriting, singing, and record producing. The other way through which they earn their millions is from touring. As of now, the following are the tours that the band has conducted:-

  • From 2014-to 2015, The Red Bullet Tour.
  • In 2015, Wake Up: Open Your Eyes Japan Tour.
  • From 2015-2016, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage Tour.
  • In 2017, The Wings Tour.
  • From 2018-to 2019, Love Yourself World Tour.

The sources of income of the band members are mainly from the sponsored brand deals, BTS Movies and live tours. In addition to this, the income also comes from their solo projects along with the 68,000 shares of each in the Big Hit Entertainment stock. Provided that they have such humongous income, the band can be safely labelled as one of the richest boybands to have ever existed in the world in the current times.

BTS Band members and Their Income 2023

Following are the BTS members net worth listed respectively:

bts net worth

Jung Hoseok or J-Hope

J-Hope is known as one of the richest members of the band and has a net worth of around $26 million. He makes his income out of living performances, writing, composing songs, and productive collaborations. One of his greatest achievements includes his famous collaboration with Becky-G on ‘Chicken Needles Soup’ in the year 2019. This has been announced as the most popular Collab in the history of K-pop.

Min Yoongi or Suga

The net worth of Suga is $25 million and is famous for composing, singing, and writing. His income is from various other external sources. Some of the famous artists with him Suga has worked are Suran IU, Lee So-ra, and MAX.

Kim Namjoon or RM

RM is known as the richest member with a net worth of $22 million from among the rest of the members in the band. He has shouldered the responsibility of keeping the group together. This is the reason he is the leader of the brand. RM has acted as the glue that has kept the group held together through thick and thin. He is a songwriter and thus has acted with numerous other artists as well. He is also announced as the youngest songwriter in the entire country to have 130 songwriting credits under his name.

Park Jimin or Jimin

Jimin’s net worth is $20 million and is the main dancer as well as the vocalist of the band. The thing with Jimin is that he doesn’t have any external sources of income. Thus, the incoming of this band member is solely from performing as the esteemed member of the BTS and composing.

Kim Seokjin or Jin

The net worth of Jin is approximately around $20 million and is one of the oldest members of the boyband. The major source of income of this member is that Jin has an established partnership with his brother in a restaurant apart from his singing career. The restaurant of Jin is situated in Seoul South Korea. This very restaurant is termed as the best dining place in the whole country.

Jeon Jeong-kook or Jeon Jungkook

Jeon Jungkook’s net worth is $19 million. Reports have suggested that he had bought an apartment of $7 million in Seoul. It has been considered as one of the peak expensive properties for any of the K-pop stars. Along with the bandmates, one of the major sources of income comprises collaborations, brand endorsements, and songwriting.

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Kim Taehyung or V

Kim Taehyung is termed as the most famous artist among the band members. He has a huge fan following from around the world and his net worth is $18 million. Kim has also acted in a K-drama known as Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. Along with this fellow member, since 2018 V has been releasing solo projects.

FAQs Related to BTS Net Worth 2023

Q:- Who is the Richest Member of BTS Band?

Answer:- J-Hope is the richest BTS member with $26 million of net worth. BTS Army members would love this information.

BTS is the famous boyband at present. In terms of BTS net worth 2023, it is said to be around $100 million. One of the best things about the band is that no matter how absurd the rumour is about them. The members stay and remain close to each other without spreading hatred.

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