BTS Members Height and Weight 2023 | Tallest BTS Members Height

BTS K-pop group has emerged to be one of the popular Korean music scenes which has not only seized the Korean music world but also gained exceptional recognition in the International music world. Merely in seven years, this band of seven South Korean boys has placed itself at the top of the hit charts albums. No doubt, many people believe that the height of the idols isn’t important. Yet, everyone is always curious about the BTS members height. Again, the BTS ARMYs claim that they have the actual measurements of the height, weight, and other essential details of the BTS members. But if you are searching for the height of the BTS members on Daum, Naver, or even Google, wait a minute! You might be getting some incorrect details.

BTS Members Height and Weight 2023

bts members height and weight

Today, through this post, we shall learn about the BTS heights with actual figures in feet along with their weight.

Name Height Weight
RM 181 cm 67 kg
Jin 179 cm 58 kg
Suga 176 cm 59 kg
J-Hope 177 cm 65 kg
Jimin 175 cm 61 kg
V 179 cm 64 kg
Jungkook 178 cm 70 kg
  • Height and weight of BTS member RM

RM is the leader and the first member of the BTS band. Again, he is also the tallest among the other group members. His height is 5.11 feet which is around 181 cm. He is also the heaviest member of the band weighing 67kgs or 148lbs.

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  • Height and weight of BTS member Jin

The second tallest member of the BTS band is Jin. The BTS height of Jin is 5.10 feet or say 179 cm. The weight Jin is 63 kg.

  • Height and weight of BTS member J-Hope

The third on the list of BTS members is J-Hope. J-Hope comes with a similar height to Jin. His height of Jin is 5.10 feet that are 177 cm, and his weight is 65 kg. The actual name of J-Hope is Jung Ho Seok and he is very particular about his dance moves.

  • Height and weight of BTS member V

The next BTS member on the list is V. V again shares the height similar to Jin and J-Hope. The BTS height in feet of V is 5.10 feet which comes to 62 kgs. The weight of V is 62 kg. The actual name of V is Kim Tae Hyung, and he is the most popular BTS member who is also awarded as the Most Handsome Man in the World among 10 others in the race.

  • Height and weight of BTS member Jungkook

Are you eager to know the actual height of Jungkook? The actual height of Jungkook is 5.10 feet or say 178 cm. Yes, his height is similar to J-Hope, V, and Jin. The weight of Jungkook is 70 kg. Jungkook is famous for his amazing dance moves and is the youngest member among all the BTS members too.

  • Height and weight of BTS member Jimin

Next on the list is Jimin. Jimin comes above the average height among all the seven BTS members. His height in feet is 5.9 which comes to 175 cm. And the weight of this average member is 61 kg. Jimin is widely praised for the sexy charisma he carries on the stage.

  • Height and weight of BTS member Suga

Last but not least, Suga also shares a similar height with Jimin. Another average height BTS member in the list, Suga comes with a height of 5.9 feet which makes 176 cm. The weight of this BTS member is 59 kg.

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Aren’t the BTS member’s amazing heights? So, were you also searching for how tall is BTS member’s height is? Hope these details have helped you out. The reason behind such impressive height, weight, and personality of the BTS members is the strict diet they follow, and even they have confirmed that they go many days without having meals. The members have committed other members to decline meals to shed off the extra pounds for that charming look.

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