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Bangtan Boys or say BTS is a popular band of South Korean. This musicians and performers band was formed in the year 2010. The band gained fame from its very first debut performance in the year 2013 under the label of Big Hit International. The fan following of the band members went high overnight. People started looking for news and articles that helped in learning more about the members like their birthdates, zodiac signs, likes and dislikes, family background, etc.

However, these days, people are widely found searching for “which BTS member died recently”. The news of the death of one of the BTS members went viral. Because of that many fans went on the internet searching for answers to their queries like which BTS member died, how did he die, etc.

Are you also looking for such answers? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Simply scroll down for all your answers below.

Which Member of BTS Died? 

Update cum Correction – Jonghyun was not a member of the BTS Band, he was a member of SHINee K-pop Band. No BTS Member ever died (Yet)!

Recently, the death of Jonghyun was quite shocking for the fans of the BTS band. Yes, Kim Jong-Hyun, the popular singer of South Korea died on 18th December 2017. The death was announced by the BTS members Suga and RM.

which member of bts died

Death of Jong-Hyun:

Kim Jong-Hyun was one of the essential members of the BTS team. He committed suicide on the 18th of December 2017 at the age of 27 years in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. He reached his apartment on the 18th at around noon. Later on, he was found dead in the apartment at around 4.42 pm by Kim So-dam, his older sister. She called the cops on 911 for reporting the suicidal death of his brother. As per his sister, Jong-Hyun wanted to commit suicide as he had sent her various messages revealing his intentions like “last goodbye”, “say I did well”, etc.

When the cops arrived at the flat, Jong-Hyun was found unconscious at around 6.10 pm after which he was taken to the Konkuk University Hospital. He was also given CPR emergency treatment for cardiac arrest, but he didn’t gain consciousness. Lastly, he was declared dead at around 6.32 pm by the doctors at the hospital. As per the investigation, Jong-Hyun inhaled either smoke or toxic fumes like carbon monoxide. As the investigators found traces of coal briquettes on a burnt frying pan in his apartment. The police also stated that the family denied the post-mortem of Jong-Hyun due to which they declared his death as a suicide.

Funeral of Jong-Hyun

The funeral of Jong-Hyun was held at a funeral hall in Asan Medical Center in Pungnam-dong in Seoul on 19th December. The funeral was attended by various celebrities like Exo, Girl’s Generation, BoA, IU, BTS members, and many more. There was also a three-day public funeral arranged for the fans and international fans. After the three-day funeral, the body of Jong-Hyun was moved to another place for a private funeral. The private funeral was attended by his relatives and close friends. After this, he was cremated in a secret location.

As per the media, BTS members, and another fellow friend and singer, the main reason behind the death or suicide of Jong-Hyun was depression. After the death of Jong-Hyun, his friend and co-singer from the Dear Cloud band Nine9 posted his suicide note on Instagram. The note was received before 2 or 3 days of his concert on 9th December. The note revealed scoffing depression and his struggling state with fame. Nine9 was startled by the suicide note and her agency also advised to keep an eye on Jong-Hyun. She also tried to prevent his suicidal attempt but it merely delayed his death.

Kim Jong-Hyun was quite famous for his music and mesmerizing voice that captured several hearts. After he passed away, various musicians and other professionals of the industry gave a tribute to Jong-Hyun globally. Bands like TVXQ, Girl’s Generation, and Labelmates Exo, paid a tribute to Jong-Hyun in their concerts. Some artists from SM entertainment tied a black ribbon on their arms with embroidery with “R.I.P. JH” engraved on it. The MCB Radio also planned a special broadcast dedicated to Jong-Hyun. His fans paid a tribute through hashtags “YouDidWellJonghyun” and “StayStrongShawols” that were trending on Twitter.

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