McDonald’s BTS Meal Price and Description! Have it Now!

BTS Army or Bangtan Boys, or say BTS has gained tremendous popularity within a short time globally. And after covering the entertainment industry, BTS is now making tie-ups with popular brands. Some of the brands it represents include Samsung, Coway, Louis Vuitton, Cider, Puma, Tokopedia, and many more. Recently, BTS has entered the fast-food industry. Yes, McDonald’s, the international fast-food chain has entered into collaboration with the BTS gang.

McDonald’s is among the leading fast-food restaurant with a global presence. BTS members have partnered with McDonald’s by introducing the BTS Meal. The meal is dragging thousands of customers to the eatery.

McDonald’s BTS Meal Promotion:

McDonald’s and BTS launched the signature McDonald’s BTS meal on the 26th of May 2021. The promotion was carried out in around 49 countries in the U.S. As per research by Gordon Haskett Research Advisors, the restaurant visits exceeded 12% in the first week after promotion. The promotion of carried out in countries like the United States, the Bahamas, Austria, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, and various other popular countries. The list also includes cities like the Philippines, Sint Maarten, Paraguay, Malaysia, Israel, Indonesia, and the Dominican Republic.

bts mcdonald meal

No doubt, the meal was high in demand. It was still forced for an impermanent closure in Indonesia due to the pandemic of Covid-19. On the other hand, in Singapore, the meal was only available through home delivery at various outlets. The promotion of the BTS meal was discontinued from 20th June 2021.

The giant of the fast-food industry, McDonald’s paid around $8.98 million to the BTS members for the endorsement. Hence, BTS received around $4.48 million for endorsement in domestic cities. In addition to this around $2.69 million for endorsement in other countries from McDonald’s. The meal is available in a brand-new packing in purple color, which is the color of the BTS band.

BTS McDonald’s Meal Description

So, thinking what is the BTS meal? Here is the answer to your queries. The customers of McDonald’s in the U.S. can order a BTS meal easily. The meal includes 10 pieces of McNuggets, a medium coke, medium fries, Cajun sauces, and sweet chili. The sauces on the menu are inspired by the South Korean McDonald’s sauce servings. Hence, the BTS meal is a complete pack of sweet, chili, and sour ingredients or dishes. This is sure to drag you to the next level of delicacy.

BTS McDonald’s Meal Price

Thinking how much is the BTS meal for? The meal would cost you $10 approximately if you are living in the United States. To your surprise, the BTS meal Sauce is available at a price that is double the cost of the BTS meal on various e-commerce websites compared to that at McDonald’s. Apart from this, the purple-color paper bags the meal is served in is also available online the price of which reaches thousands of dollars.

Is BTS meal available in India?

Many BTS member fans in India are looking forward to having the BTS meals in their nearby McDonald’s outlets. However, BTS McDonald’s meal is already available in North India. It is also available in various outlets in New Delhi from 1st June 2021. From the 4th of June 2021, the BTS meal would be available in the cities of South and West India including Mumbai.

The BTS meal Tour would continue its availability in the West as well as in the East India Army till the 30th of June 2021. On the other hand, the fans would only be able to enjoy the menu till the 4th of July in West and South India. The BTS meal would be availed at a price of Rs.300 in India. The price would be for 10 to 9 pieces of Chicken McNuggets, medium Coke drink, medium French fries, and two sauces for dipping that is Cajun and Sweet Chili. The fans would also have to pay additional taxes on their order.


The amount would depend on whether they would call the store for home delivery, look for third-party delivery, or have it at the outlet. So, is the question “when does the BTS meal end” disturbing you? Well, the expected date on which the McDonald’s BTS Meal menu would end is 20th June 2021. The meal was offered to the fans for only two months that is May and June. It should also be noted that the expected date for the outlets in the United States has been delayed for the time being. The restaurants or the outlets of McDonald’s are currently experiencing thousands of orders daily.

As per the reviews from customers from around the world, the BTS meal pack is surely one of the best dishes to order for having a different yet interesting thing to taste and enjoy. So, when are you moving towards your nearby McDonald’s store?

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