BTS Documentary – How to Watch Online?

There is a BTS documentary film where the videos comprise the behind-the-scenes of the world-famous Korean boy band, BTS’s tour 2018-2019 tour is the Love Yourself World Tour. This documentary was originally promoted as a sequel to the 2019’s release of the band’s film which is Bring the Soul: The Movie. The film is a major adaptation of the third documentary series of the band that is Break the Silence: Docu-Series which was finally released on the Weverse, a fan platform in May.

Is there a BTS documentary?

There is a documentary based on the most famous Korean boy band in the world that is BTS. Here the synopsis of the documentary ‘Break the Silence: The Movie’ is based on the whereabouts and happenings related to the on and off-stage performance of the band while they were on the tour of Love Yourself World Tour. The content in the documentaries comprises the 14 months of the world tour of the band. In the videos, the vulnerable, as well as the emotional side of the band, was seen Apart from this, the art on how they keep their stage personas separate from their real personas.

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About the film, it was announced on August 7, 2020, where it was also hinted that along with the third film re-release of BTS’s ‘Bring the Soul; The Movie’, a slight preview of Break the Silence would be screened.

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BTS documentary name

In terms of the names of the BTS documentaries, they are as follows:

  • Run BTS
  • Bon Voyage Season 1-4
  • In the Soop
  • American Hustle Life
  • Annual memories DVD videos
  • Summer and Winter Packages
  • Burn the Stage
  • Bring the Soul
  • Break the Silence

Out of all the listed above, the last three are considered to be convenient to watch because according to the fans these three parts have everything that a fan must know. Along with this, there are additional, narrations that many people may find interesting.

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BTS documentary Netflix

According to the research conducted, BTS does not have its documentary on Netflix. But, it does have documentaries that have been released on YouTube while some are released on online platforms free of cost. Thus, in terms of BTS documentaries, Netflix has ownership of no such content.

Where to watch the BTS documentary?

The docu-series of BTS, Burn the Stage along with the movie was originally premiered on the very YouTube Red and is exclusive to customers who have the access to YouTube premium. However, the first episode of the document series can be streamed free of cost. Apart from this, the BTS world tour: Love Yourself in Seoul is yet another concert film that features BTS’s, Love Yourself World Tour where the fans can watch the full concert film on the Facebook page of Jung Hyun Ran along with English subtitles.

Another docu-series and BTS movie duo, Bring the Soul was released which was streamed on the Weverse app. As the Weverse app, it is the central hub for all of the precious yet exclusive content of the band. Finally, the latest release of the band, the BTS documentary ‘Break the Silence’ can also be streamed on the Weverse app. Though this movie, docu-series duo is limited to certain countries, it is more likely to be released in various theatres in upcoming months.

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