BTS Army Membership – Join BTS Fan Club via 3 Ways

BTS has now become one of the famous brands that have gained millions and billions on a worldwide level. Almost every other day, this Korean boy band is trending online, it’s maybe either for their new music video, live performances and if not then their mesmerizing carpet looks and their shared selfies. It won’t be wrong to label them as the social media kings as they have also managed to win the Top Social Artist Award for Billboard.

BTS Army Membership types

If one is new to the Army then they can get more content related to the BTS by simply joining Weverse’s Global Official BTS Fan club. There are several memberships available that the fans can get access to, each of which is thoroughly discussed below:-

bts army membership

#1 ARMY membership

This is a basic package among BTS Membership and costs around $22. The following perks can be availed after registering;-

  • Mobile membership card inclusive of BTS army ID card ( here physical cards can be purchased).
  • Purchasing special membership including BTS goods.
  • Purchasing early content related to BTS on Weverse.
  • Pre-book of BTS concerts along with participation in raffles.
  • Apply for attending music shows that feature BTS.
  • Viewing the exclusive video, image, and sound content of BTS on the Weverse app.
  • Applying and participating in both offline and online BTS concerts.
  • Purchase of membership kit.

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#2 ARMY membership: Merch Pack

This merch pack not only comprises all the basic benefits that are available in the ARMY membership but also the other perks which are accessible by those who buy this very package. According to the previous, this merch pack is a bit costly as it is around $150. Following are the listed benefits of the merch pack:-

  • Mobile membership card.
  • Purchasing the BTS goods as special membership.
  • Purchasing the early release as well as the members-only kit of BTS.
  • Early booking of the BTS concerts.
  • Applying for attending the music shows where BTS features.
  • Access to the exclusive videos, sound, images, and more content of BTS.

Complementary to the above perks, the member will receive a total number of four merch boxes where they will be obligated to pay for the handling and shipping only. When the individual buys the membership, out of these four merch boxes, each one of them will be sent out at multiple periods throughout the year.

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#3 Army Membership Kit

To get access to the uncountable content on BTS, the fans can choose this ARMY membership kit and the following contents can be accessible with this membership:-

  • Photo card.
  • Keyboard sticker.
  • File rack.
  • ZIP.
  • Poster.
  • To- memo pad.
  • ID photo and package.
  • Membership card.
  • Special Membership Renewal Gift.

If the members renew their memberships, they will be in for a lot more surprises. For instance, if the membership is renewed both from 60 days to 30 days after the expiration date, they will be treating themselves with a digital thank you message from any one of the members of BTS in their handwriting.

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Registering for Membership and viewing content: on Weverse Shop

Here, for registering for all such ARMY membership the first step is to log in to the artist store of BTS on the very Weverse shop and this has to be done with the same user ID that the individual is using on the Weverse and then follow up by clicking on the ‘Membership’ tab. Post that, the individual will be asked to entire their personal information along with the legit registration details that are important to enroll in the ARMY BTS’S Fan club. At the last stage, the payment is done where only the Korean credit cards are accepted on the Weverse Shop. Thus, finish it off by clicking on the PayPal option for payment and then check out.

For viewing the BTS content, the individual needs to log in to the Weverse app a tab will appear in the top-right only for the BTS ARMY club members. Once clicking on the tab, the user will finally be able to see all the exclusive content that is uploaded only for them. Complementary that, all the future exclusive content will also be accessible by them. Thus, these are everything that was there to know about BTS memberships.

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