BSNL Internet Speed – Broadband, 4G Internet Speed Test Online

BSNL, or say Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, is a telecom company owned by the state that provides broadband, Fiber, and mobile internet services to its customers. Along with the internet or broadband, the customers are also served with a new BSNL speed test meter that helps in determining the speed they are using and get rid of slow internet speed too.

Check BSNL Internet Speed – Broadband, 4G Internet Speed Test

But is it essential to check your BSNL internet speed? Around 70 per cent of internet users avoid checking their internet speed. But this is not right. It is necessary to check whether you are using the actual speed promised in your BSNL internet plan. Let’s today learn how to check the internet speed when using the BSNL internet.

BSNL Internet Speed Test – How to measure?

The speed of the internet is measured in either Mbps, Kbps, or other higher values. BSNL speed test simply means checking the internet speed of your BSNL connection online. The test accumulates the data from the nearest servers around your location and the test starts with the upload of the speed test by randomly sending bytes to the remote server for some seconds.

Once the upload speed test is over, the meter checks the download speed. Once both upload and download are complete, a report is created that reveals the download and upload speed, ping, jitter, and the server that was used for testing the BSNL broadband speed test. Ping again is another essential factor that has a great impact on the speed of every browsed website. When the ping is slow, a delay of milliseconds is added to every request received or sent through your connection.

Using the speed test BSNL tool is quite easy. Various websites provide such speed tests, however, it is widely conducted by ISPs. On the other hand, the results of ISPs speed tests are not reliable at times as they can be influenced. Hence, the only choice left for the customer is to use a third-party speed test service that doesn’t favour ISPs. BSNL test tool is hence a reliable tool that provides speed test results that are actual and not manipulated.

For checking your BSNL internet speed test, all you have to do is follow the steps given below:

BSNL Speed Test

  • Open the internet browser on your mobile, desktop, or laptop.
  • Type on the search bar.
  • Another small or pop-up window would appear.
  • Type your login details of the router or modem.
  • In Admin space, type your modem User name and password (the password is password in case you haven’t changed it).
  • After entering these details, you are successfully logged into your BSNL ADSL broadband modem.
  • In the Overview option, all the details of the BSNL net speed would be mentioned.
  • The System Information option would reveal the details of the router like the Firmware Version, Modem name, etc.
  • Scroll down and check the Internet Connection Label that would reveal details like Downstream Data Rate, Upstream Data Rate, and DSL Status.

Downstream indicates the download speed while upstream indicates the upload speed allocated to the bandwidth. You can also check the internet speed by typing my internet speed test on your browser with ease.

Slow Internet Speed – What to do?

What if the BSNL fifth speed test results reveal slow internet speed? Don’t worry. Here are the steps how to complain about the internet speed to the BSNL company. Work in registering a complaint about slow internet speed immediately by getting in touch with the technical team for relocating the BSNL broadband port connected with your telephone number. This would help the technical team learn about your broadband plan.

The customers can also register their complaints through the BSNL complaint booking online for issues related to the internet speed after which the executives of BSNL would call back the customers and learn about their upstream values and downstream values. When the claim arises regarding the speed, the executives from BSNL would check if the BSNL broadband port binding is carried out correctly or not.

It is henceforth essential to keep an eye on the BSNL internet speed provided to you, BSNL broadband port binding, and route so that you enjoy the broadband speed as per your plans.

How to Do BSNL 10 MBPS Plan Speed Test?

If you are having BSNL ISP, you can check you internet speed above and check your BSNL 10 MBPS Plan Speed Test.

How to do BSNL Speed Test Online?

You can check your BSNL Broadband internet speed online on the above section. We will let you know your latest uplink and downlink internet speed online.