Bonafide Certificate Application Form | How to Write?

These days, one of the most searched queries on various search engines is the format for writing an application for bonafide. But do you actually know what does a bonafide means? What is its importance?

A bonafide certificate is one of the important documents allotted by an organization for confirming that a particular person belongs to that organization. Basically, this certificate is issued by the educational institutes for its students. Organizations or firms may also issue such certificates for their employees. However, to obtain this certificate, the individual needs to submit an application in a proper format. And through this piece of information, we shall learn an appropriate way of writing an application for the bonafide.

Bonafide Certificate Meaning:

Before moving towards how to write an application for bonafide, let’s learn about the bonafide certificate meaning. A bonafide is generally a certificate that is issued by any organization or institute to an individual declaring that the individual belongs to it. The certificate is required for various official purposes like applying for concessions in public transport, applying for any scholarship, loan application, or even a visa application. Apart from all these, it is also a necessity for an employee or a student when applying for a job, apprenticeship, or internship, when opening an account in any bank, joining any public library, attending any training workshop or seminar, and even while making an official visit to any plant or industry. Hence, a bonafide is among the essential certificates.

What to mention in an application for a bonafide certificate?

While writing an application for a bonafide certificate, the applicant needs to submit essential details. However, the details differ for a student and an employee. If the applicant is a student, details like the name of the school or institute, the entrance number, details of the students, and the class in which he/she is currently studying need to be filled in. If the applicant is an employee, details like the contact information of the applicant or employee, the position of the employee, and other essential details like the name, date of birth, etc. need to be provided as per the nature and requirement of the certificate.

Bonafide for College:

While writing a bonafide certificate application for the college, one needs to communicate with the concerned person in the institute or organization who is responsible for handling such issues. Here are how the students can apply for a bonafide from the college.

For obtaining a bonafide from the college, the applicant or student to apply to the head of the college or institute in writing. The application is a normal request letter to the concerned individual or head of the department to apply for a bonafide. In most institutions or colleges, the students need to submit the application in a given format. The college or institute may also provide a format for the application. Along with the application, the first and second-year students need to attach the leaving certificate along with the application form.

Documents required for bonafide certificate:

Along with the bonafide certificate letter, the applicant also needs to submit copies of certain documents related to their identity proof and other important documents. The list of the documents required includes a photocopy of the identity card of the employee or student, a copy of the fee receipt, and any other document copies required as per the purpose of the certificate.

Bonafide Certificate

How to get the bonafide certificate?

After the submission of the application, it usually depends on the individual along with the purpose of the certificate at the time of writing the application and sending it to the concerned organization or individual. If a student is looking for a bonafide for any scholarship, internship, or any such similar application, the application needs to be addressed to the head of the department in the university, institute, or college. In the case of the school student, the application is addressed to the principal of the school. Some of the educational institutes also help the students or applicants with copies of the application form for the bonafide, which is to be filled by the applicant. Hence, you can simply look for the application form from the administrative office.

On the other hand, if the applicant is an employee from any organization, the applicant needs to address the application to the organization’s head. The application should also mention the reason for obtaining the bonafide. The employee should attach the required document copies required as per the nature of the bonafide.


Hope this piece of information has helped you with all the essential aspects to obtain the bonafide including how to write the application, required documents, purposes, etc. However, it is an important official certificate, and hence, it’s important to follow the application process thoroughly.

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