BOCA Committees

SRO 152 :-In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (2) of section 3 of Jammu and Kashmir control of Building operation  Act, 1988, the Government hereby rescind  the notification SRO 463 Dated 13-12-2000 and SRO 273 dated:18-08-2004 and in partial notification of notification SRO 289 Dated:21-07-1999 appoint the following authorities in respect of (a) Srinagar municipal area and (b) local area of Srinagar not included in the municipal area of Srinagar :-
Srinagar Municipal Area
1.   Municipal commissioner                                     Chairman
2.   Senior Town Planner, SDA                                 Member
3.   Assistant Commissioners, Nazool                      Member
4.   Executive Engineer, Public Health Engineering     Member
5.   Executive Engineer, Power Dev. Department       Member
6.   Executive Engineer, Sewerage & Drainage           Member
7.   Secretary lakes and WWDA                               Member
8.   Joint Municipal Commissioner                              Member Secretary.
Local Area of Srinagar not including in Municipal Area of Srinagar:-
1.   Vice Chairman of Srinagar Development Authority        Chairman
2.   Director Land Management, SDA.                                  Member
3.   Executive Engineer, Public Health Engineering               Member
4.   Executive Engineer, Inspection Power Dev. Department   Member
5.   Executive Engineer, Sewerage & Drainage                      Member
6.   Secretary lakes and WWDA                                     Member
7.   Senior Town Planner, SDA                                      Member Secretary.