Black Swan Members Age, Birthday, Height & Weight 2023

“Be Unique! Hello, We Are BLACKSWAN!” Are you addicted to this phrase? This phrase belongs to none other than the Black Swan Kpop girl group.

Black Swan, also popular by the prefix B.S., is a Kpop group of six girls who have united to give out the best heart-throbbing music under the DR Entertainment company also known as DR Music. The group made its debut on 16th October 2020 through their very first album “Goodbye Rania”. The group is termed to be an updated version of RaNia, a former Kpop girl group which included Riko, Xia, Yijo, T-ae, Joy, Jooyi, and Yina in the group. RaNia was formed with eight members in April 2011, however, after the departure, and some replacements, a new group came into existence, that is Black Swan.

Blackswan kpop group was formed with five members initially including Judy, Hyeme, Fatou, Leia, and Youngheun. However, in November 2020, Hyeme announced her departure from the group. Later on 26th May 2022, two new members joined the group namely Sriya and Gabi. Hence, today, there is a total of six members in the group which includes Gabi, Sriya, Leia, Judy, Fatou, and Youngheun.

BlackSwan Kpop Profiles – Kprofiles of Blackswan

BlackSwan Members Name

Black Swan Birthday

Black Swan Age

Black Swan Height

Black Swan Weight

BlackSwan Zodiac Sign


20th November 1994 29 166 CM (5’6”) 45 KG Scorpio


25th March 1995 28 173 CM (5’8”) 57 KG Aries


16th May 1995 28 162 CM (5’4”) 45 KG Taurus


14th May 2001 22 167 CM (5’6”) 45 KG Taurus


11th July 2002 21 172 CM (5’8”) 50 KG Cancer


15th September 2003 20 170 CM (5’7”) 50 KG Virgo

BlackSwan member

Are you a huge fan of the Black Swan members and looking for every minor detail about the kpop stars? Let’s today learn about the age, birthdate, height, weight, and zodiac signs of these kpop groups.

Black Swan Members Age, Birthdate, Height, Weight, and Zodiac Sign:


According to the Black Swan kpop profile, the birthdate of Go Youngheun falls on 20th November 1994. She is the leader of the group and her age is 29 years. The zodiac sign of this member is Scorpio. The height and weight of Youngheun are 166 cm and 45 kg respectively. The position of Youngheun is the main vocalist. Youngheun was initially the member of LHEA and Stellar also. She is the second revealed Black Swan member.


Fatou was born on 23rd March 1995. Her age is 28 years and her zodiac sign is Aries. As per the Blackswan members profile, her height and weight are 173 cm and 57 kg individually. Her position in the group is that of the main rapper, lead dancer, and sub-vocalist. She is the fourth member revealed by the Black Swan group. She was also a trainee and model under Cineline Entertainment before joining Black Swan.


Judy was born in May. Her birthdate is 16th May 1995. Her age is 28 years while her zodiac sign is Taurus. The height and weight of this kpop star are 162 cm and 45 kg respectively. Position of this member of Black Swan is the main dancer and lead vocalist. Judy was a trainee under DR Entertainment since 2020. Her Chinese name is Jin Da Hui.


Priory known as Larissa, Leia was born on 14th May 2001. Her age is 22 years. The zodiac sign of this Black Swan member is Taurus. The height of Leia is 167 cm while her weight is 45 kg. Leia is the lead rapper, visual, and vocalist of the group. The mother of Leia is Brazilian while her father is Japanese. She is the third member revealed by the group and she shares her dorm with Fatou. The role models of Leia are BLACKPINK.


One of the new members of Blackswan, Gabi was born on 7th November 2002. Her age is 21 years. The height of Gabi is 172 cm while her weight is 50 kg. The position of Gabi in the group is still not revealed by the group members. Gabi was a dance member of the group Queen of Revolution and her name group was Gabs. Her favourite food is pizza and sushi. She is foody of the group and loves to eat. She was also a trainee of the Cygnus group before joining Black Swan.


Another new member of the group, Sriya is the Maknae of the group. The birthdate of Sriya is 15th September 2003 while her age is 20 years. The zodiac sign of Sriya is Virgo. Her height is 170 cm while her weight is 50 kg. The position of Sriya is still not revealed in the group. Sriya is a born dancer. She was born in Odisha, India. She is a contemporary dancer before she made her debut in this Kpop group. Considering the Kpop industry, she is the very first Indian star.

Who is BLACKSWAN maknae?

Sriya, First Indian Origin Kpop Star, is maknae of BLACKSWAN.

Who is Most Popular Member of BLACKSWAN?

Fatou, who is The Main Rapper and Lead Dancer in BLACKSWAN Kpop Band is the most popular Member of BLACKSWAN.

What is fandom name of BLACKSWAN?

Fandom Name of BLACKSWAN is Lumina.

Hence, considering the ages of the Black Swan group Kpop, the oldest member of the group is Youngheun while the youngest member is Sriya. The group is active since 2 years and the fandom name of the group is Lumina. The group is also active on various social media platforms from where the fans can follow them as well as their event dates and much more.

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