Billlie Members Age, Birthday, Height & Weight 2023

“Billie’ve you! Hello, we are Billie!”

Does this popular phrase make you go crazy? If yes, then you are obviously one of the thousands of fans of the Billie Kpop group. Billie is a group of seven girl members who are performing under the MYSTIC Story company.

Are you interested in learning about this group, its debut, age, birthday, and various other details in brief? Well, then all you need to do is simply scroll down and read the interesting facts about the group and its members.

Billlie Kpop Profile

Billlie Members Name

Billlie Birthday

Age of Billlie Members

Billlie Height

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Billlie Zodiac Sign

Moon Sua

9th September 1999 24 5’5″ (164 cm) 49 KG Virgo


15th January 2000 23 5’4″ (163 cm) 43 KG Capricorn


13th January 2001 22 5’4″ (163 cm) 45 KG Capricorn


21st September 2002 21 5’5″ (165 cm) 47 KG Virgo


28th January 2003 20 5’4″ (162 cm) 41 KG Aquarius


16th February 2005 18 5’7″ (171 cm) 48 KG Aquarius


30th January 2006 17 5’4″ (163 cm) 44 KG Aquarius

Billie Member’s Age, Birthday, Height, Weight, and Zodiac Sign

Billie group made its debut on 10th November 2021 through the mini album “The Billage of Perception: Chapter One”. Originally, there were only six Billie members in the group during their debut. However, on 19th November 2021, Kim Suyeon, the former contestant of Girls Planet 999, was announced as the seventh member by MYSTIC Story under the stage name “Sheon”. The group ranks 109th in the list of Kpopping groups in Korea. The fandom name of the group is Billie’ve while the fandom colors of the group are mystic blue and mystic violet.

Coming to the Billie kpop group member’s profile, here are some essential details you might be interested to know.

Moon Sua

The birthname of Moon Sua is Moon Su A and she is a Korean by nationality. Her birthdate is 9th September 1999 and her current age is 24 years. The zodiac sign of Moon Sua is Virgo. The height and weight of Moon Sua are 164 cm and 45 kg respectively. She is the main rapper and the lead vocalist of the group. Moon Sua formerly was a member of the YG Entertainment.


Suhyeon, whose birth name is Kim Su Hyeon, was born on 15th January 2000. Her current age is 23 years while she belongs to the Capricorn zodiac sign and has Korean nationality. The height of Suhyeon is 163 cm while her weight is 43 kg. She is the main vocalist and the lead dancer of the group.


The birth name of Haram is Kim Ha Ram and she has Korean nationality. Her birthdate is 13th January 2001 and her current age is 22 years. The zodiac sign of Haram is Capricorn. The height of Haram is 163 cm and her weight is 45 kg. The position of Haram in the group is the main vocalist.


Following the Billie Kpop profile of members, the original name of Tsuki is Fukutomi Tsuki. A Japanese by nationality, Tsuki’s birthdate is 21st September 2002 and her current age is 21 years. The height and weight of Tsuki are 165 cm and 47 kg respectively. The zodiac sign of Tsuki is Virgo and she is the main dancer and sub-vocalist of the group. Out of all the members of the Billlie group, Tsuki is said to be the most popular face on TikTok and other social media websites.


The birth name of Sheon is Kim Su Yeon and she is a Korean by nationality. The birthdate of Sheon is 28th January 2003 while her current age is 20 years. Aquarius by zodiac sign, her height is 162 cm and weight is 41 kg. The position of Sheon in the group is the lead rapper and main dancer.


Kim Siyoon, whose stage name is Siyoon is a Korean by nationality. She was born on 16th February 2005 and her current age is 18 years. The zodiac sign of Siyoon is Aquarius. The height and weight of Siyoon are 171 cm and 48 kg respectively. Siyoon is the main rapper and lead dancer in the group.


Osato Haruna, popularly known as Haruna is Japanese by nationality. She was born on 30th January 2006. The Billie age of this member is 17 years and her zodiac sign is Aquarius. The height of Haruna is 163 cm and its weight is 44 kg. She is the Maknae of the Billie group and her position is of a sub-vocalist.

Considering the age of the Billie kpop members, the oldest member of the group is Sua while the youngest is Haruna. This might surprise you, but the group doesn’t have any leaders. All the girl members in the group are from Korea except Tsuki and Haruna who are from Japan. One interesting fact about the group is that they made their debut on 10th November 2021, a date on which there are three 1, similarly the name of the group consists of three Ls.

The current dorm arrangements include Tsuki, Sheon, Siyoon, and Haruna in the first dome and Moon Sua, Haram, and Suhyeon in the second dome. The group has many official accounts on social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Fancafe. Apart from this, the members of the group can also be reached through their own personal social media accounts.

What is fandom name of Billlie?

Billlie Kpop Band Fandom name is Belllieve.

Who is Most Popular Member of Billlie?

Tsuki is the most popular member of Billlie kpop band.

When did Billlie debuted?

Billlie debuted with mini album The Billage of Perception : Chapter One on November 10, 2021.

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