Which is the Best Season to Visit Srinagar? – Weather of Srinagar

Srinagar is one of the best places in India. Many of us have a wish and dream to come to this place. Every year people from various corners of the world come to Srinagar to enjoy its natural beauty. It is fine if you have prior information about Srinagar weather forecast. This will help you to explore the place in the best possible manner.  You will have prior idea about the place and its weather. This is one of the essential things that you need to consider while visiting the place.

Specialty about the weather of Srinagar:

weather of Srinagar

You will feel good to know that Srinagar is beautiful in every season. But during specific period of the year it remains so good low that it is better not to come to this place in that time. Srinagar, “Paradise on earth” is known for its valleys. The valleys that surround this place increase the beauty of the place to a great extent. Srinagar has two Main seasons. One is the winter and the other one is the summer. Autumn comes in between them. You will love to enjoy the autumn season in Srinagar.

It is fine if you check the weather today Srinagar before stepping out from your resort or hotel. For this, you can visit ample sites that deal with the weather reports. They will give you actual information about the weather of the place. Usually weather in hilly or mountain regions fluctuates from time to time. If it is sunny in the morning, it does not mean that you will get the same weather in the noon. So, it is essential to have prior information about the weather before going out. This will help you to make a hassle-free travel.

Sometimes, you may also receive rain while travelling from one to another. The geographical location of Srinagar is such that it receives little rainfall. However, .it does not have proper monsoon during any .time of the year.

A complete overview on Srinagar’s weather:

It is also better to plan for a trip to Srinagar after checking the weather forecast Srinagar next 15 days. It is another essential part of the trip. If you plan to visit this place, you must have a clear idea about the weather of the place. This will help to make the plan in the best possible manner.

Pleasant temperature of Srinagar ranges between 14 degree to 30 degree. You will feel great to travel during this temperature. However, many sites also give you an exact idea of the weather. If the weather is about to fluctuate you will also know about it through the sites. If you want to capture snowy moments you can travel from September to November. During this part of the year snow falls and the whole area remains covered with snow.

So, the dream destination of India can be explored in the best possible manner if you get the correct information about the weather. It will make your travel a memorable one.

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