Top 5 Best and Safe Hotels in Srinagar

If you plan to stay in Srinagar, you will get number of hotels. Most hotels are beautiful and good. They also offer best service to the guests. Most hotels have all the modern amenities and facilities required. However, you must also check the hotels that are safe and secured. It is one of the essential qualities that you need to check before booking a hotel in Srinagar. Some of the reputed hotels in Srinagar are safe and best in many ways. It is also good if you make and take proper information right from the beginning.

Best Five and Safe Hotels in Srinagar

Hotels in Srinagar

In this part, you will learn about some of the best and safe hotels in Srinagar. A small discussion in this part will help you to select the perfect one for your vacation.

#1 Hotel Shefaf:

Hotel shefaf Srinagar is one of the safest hotels in Srinagar. You can come to this place with your friends and family members. The hotel provides perfect comfort to the guests. It is located in the heart of the city. This hotel is famous for its excellent service and hospitality. It is just 4 km from the main city center.

#2 Hotel Rose Petal:

 Hotel rose petal Srinagar is a boutique property in Rajbagh. The place is located in a prime area of the city. The hotel has 33 rooms and all of them have a perfect beautiful ambience. The guests will love to stay there and enjoy the vacation. The hotel has a spacious banquet hall that you can use for seminars and other things. The foods served in this hotel are of excellent quality and flavor. You will fall in love with the foods available in this hotel.

#3 Hotel Radisson Srinagar:

Hotel Radisson Srinagar is always a great choice for the travelers and the tourists. It is located in a prime location. The hotel provides all the basic facilities and amenities to the guests. You can enjoy every moment while staying in this hotel. You can also avail the suites of this hotel. It is just an excellent one.

#4 Hotel Asian Park:

If you look for a perfect hotel it is better to try Hotel Asian Park Srinagar. It is a four-star hotel located close to the Dal Lake. The hotel is a specialized one in Kashmiri Wazwan. If you once come to this hotel you will love the ambiance and beauty of the place. It provides all the basic amenities to the guests. It provides free wi fi facility to the visitors.

#5 Asian Park Hotel:

Another best place to stay in Srinagar is Asian park hotel Srinagar. This hotel is close to the market area. If you want to shop, it is fine to stay here. You can easily access the market. The rooms of the hotel are well-maintained and have all the basic amenities.

Thus above are some of the best hotels in Srinagar. If you come to this place, you must try to stay in these hotels as they are the safest and secured ones.

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