Allotment Policy

Allotment Policy                          
 1. Housing
2. Commercial
The Govt. has already laid down a  comprehensive policy  on development of  Housing Colonies by Development Authorities  for allotment of residential plots in the housing colonies. The policy provides for the development  of housing colonies on self sustenance  basis with  elements of cross subsidization so that the weaker sections  are provided plots on 50% cost subsidy. The distribution  of plots is on first come first basis or by draw of lots  barring 5% plots to be allotted  under the Discretionary Quota of the Government out of the  allotment of residential plots in the Housing Colonies in the balance 95% plots in housing colony, 75% are to be disposed off among the general public and 25 % among different categories of people specified  below:
1.         Scheduled cast/tribes                                                               5%
2.         Families of Govt. Servants and
other Govt. servants who die in Harness                               5%
3.    Serving Defense personal                                                               2%
4.    Ex-Serviceman                                                                                  2%
5.    War Widows                                                                                      1%
6.     Families  of innocent victims of terrorist violence and
Law & Order situation                                                                     4%
7.     Severely disabled persons/handicapped person                         2%
8.     Recent widow (widows within one year prior to the
date of applications deserving compassionate treatment.        2%
9.     Outstanding performers in Arts/Culture/sports winners
of gallantry awards honours of state / central Govt.                   2%
The applications are invited  from the categories specifically indicated from general public  and are registered in such category  separately. The  No. of plots available are  being allotted  amongst different  categories  as per percentages  indicated above  and distributed by lots in public  in presence of the applicants  and the respectable persons of the state. Whenever the number of applications  in any category  is less than the No. of  plots available in that category, the excess plots  available in that category will be transferred  to the general pool.
The Srinagar Development Authority in 2007 advertised   plots for its allotment   to the residents of Jammu and Kashmir and the proposed Housing colony will be an extension of the present Bemina Township. The proposed colony will be developed on the prescribed standards and will have the amenities like roads, drains, electricity, water supply, parks public utilities and sufficient land has been earmarked for construction of 300 flats in multi-storeyed residential blocks for LIG, MIG and HIG categories.
The number of plots (approximately) available in the proposed colony for each category are as under:-
a)  Economically weaker sections/
Low Income Groups( EWS/LIG)                                         105 plots of  25’x40’ size
b)  Middle Income groups ( MIG)                                     76 plots of 40’x60’ size
c) Higher Income groups (HIG)                                         52 plots of 45’x80’ size
The allotment of plots were decided by the draw of lots which was held on 21st April 2007 in presence of all the registered applicants and the Hon’ble Minister, Housing and Urban Development Department.
The Shops / Shopsites and Commercial spaces are allotted through auction for a period of 20 years in the first instance on lease / licencee.
The Minimum Reserve Premium (Development Charges Non-Refundable) are always indicated in the Auction Notice and the intending applicants / bidders are required to file their sealed bid, which shall be over and above the Minimum Reserve Premium.
The bids received are subject to acceptance of the Auction Committee, Srinagar Development Authority and usually the highest bids received are accepted.
The rate of monthly rentals for Shops and Commercial Spaces are fixed for a period of five years and subject to increased of 15% after every five years. Likewise the annual ground rentals for Commercial sites are also fixed for (20) twenty years.
The Auction Notices are given wide publicity in local leading daily newspapers and on electric media and the auction notices are also available on our official website.