Airtel Loan Number – Airtel Talktime & Data Loan Code

Various telecom network companies provide credit loans to their customers. It is refundable but it comes with a bit of service charge that is dependent on the terms and conditions of the company. One of such telecom network companies is Airtel. It offers a total number of two types of emergency credit loan services.

This service can be availed by anyone who doesn’t have enough Talktime balance to make a call to prevent potential low balance. Here, to get access to the loan from Airtel for Talktime, the customer either has to make a call to the Airtel Talktime loan and if not that then they need to reach out to any company that offers USSD-based service.

Airtel credit Talktime loan: Terms and conditions

To get access to the credit Talktime loan, the following terms and conditions are supposed to be met by the customer:-

  • The amount in the Airtel account balance must be Rs.5 at least.
  • Airtel number must be older than 90 days.
  • Airtel will charge additional fees in the form of service charges while taking the loan.
  • The loan amount will be deducted from the next recharge by the Airtel.

If you have taken a loan of 10 INR Talktime balance then the charged amount will be Rs.12.

airtel loan number

Taking a TalkTime Loan: Airtel

Airtel TalkTime Loan can be availed in the following two ways:-

#1 Through SMS

1st of All – Dial the Airtel loan number *141*10#USSD code number. After this, three Talktime options regarding loans will appear on the screen. This is the Airtel loan number 10 Rs code.

After that – Out of the options Rs. 50, Rs. 30, Rs. 10, select the options that suit your need

Step: 3– Post initiating the request, you need to click on ‘1’ so that the loan request will be validated.

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#2 Airtel Thanks app

Step: 1– First of all, download the very Airtel Thanks app from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store

Step: 2– Launch the My Airtel App. Log in to your Airtel account by using the OTP

Step: 3– Click on the option ‘Advance Talktime’ from the menu ‘Services’

Step: 4– Finish up the process by selecting the feasible choice from Rs. 30, to Rs. 50 and Rs. 10.

#3 Data Loan: Airtel

In terms of data loans, the customers of Airtel can avail of 80 MB 2G data loans. Either that or 80MB 3G/4G data loan at the cost of Rs, 27 and the validity period is of two days and this can be used across all the 2G, 3G as well as Airtel data loan 4G networks.

You as a customer can avail the data loan in Airtel by following the below-mentioned steps:-

1st Step – Open the dialer app on the phone.

2nd Step – Click *141*567# and dial the Airtel data loan number.

Step: 3– Finish up the process by confirming the data loan.

The alternative way of claiming the Airtel data loan is by dialing the number ‘52141’. After getting access to the data services, you are free to use them until your data loan expires. Thus, these are everything that is needed to be done to get the Airtel loan recharged.

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FAQs Related to Airtel Loan Number Code

How to get loan balance detail in Airtel?

Dial *141*10# or *141# from your Airtel number to get Loan Balance detail.

How can I get 50 advance Talktime in Airtel?

Dial *141# from your Airtel Prepaid number and follow instructions.

How can I get a loan in Airtel prepaid?

Dial *141*10# or call 52141 to get Rs.10 loan in prepaid balance.

What is Airtel Loan Number 10rs code?

All you need to do is to dial *141*10# or call on 52141 to get Rs.10 loan.

How to Get airtel data loan 4g?

Dial *141*567# from your Airtel Phone to get Data Loan or 4G Data loan.


Therefore, if you are in a state of emergency and need a Talktime loan or data loan, you can easily avail the same by following a series of steps in no time. This service of Airtel is highly commendable. In the meantime, it should be strictly taken into consideration that the loan amount must be cleared as soon as possible by recharging the demanded amount.

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