Airtel Caller Tune Number 2023 – Airtel Hello Tune Number

Having a caller tune on the mobile number is something that is quite trending these days. Rather than listening to the boring tring tring of the phone, the sim card holders can now help their callers listen to melodious songs. And similar to other telecom service providers, Airtel also helps with such facilities for their customers or sim card users. And to register any song as your caller tune, the Airtel subscribers need to dial the Airtel hello tune number 2023.

Are you also willing to set your favourite song as the Airtel caller tune? If yes, here are the details and the number you need to know about for enjoying the Airtel caller tune or hello tune facilities.

What are the features of Airtel Hello Tune?

There are certain features of the Airtel Hello Tune. These are:

  • Prior to setting the caller tune, you can listen to the song or tune.
  • There are various tracks, artists, and albums to select your favorite tune from the search option.
  • You can use multiple caller tunes for different people.

Airtel Hello Caller Tune Number:

The Airtel Hello Tune is one of the best ways to entertain your callers with a melodious tune. You can select either a bhajan, devotional song, latest songs, or any other song of your choice to set as your Airtel caller tune. From a variety of caller tunes, you can select your favourite music and set it as your hello tune. So, here are the different ways of adopting the Airtel hello tune facilities.

Activating the Airtel Caller Tune 2023:

Are you willing to set a caller tune on your registered Airtel number? Here is how you can listen to the songs and select them as your caller tune. For selecting any song or subscribing to any song, dial *678#. The Airtel caller tune number for setting a caller tune through SMS is 543215. The subscribers can also make a call and select the caller tune by making a call on 543211. For recording a song in your voice, make a call on 57878. Dial *9 For copying an Airtel hello tune for Airtel numbers. For copying the caller tune from any other telecom service provider, dial the number 543211 and follow the instructions given on the call. And For setting a song as a caller tune through SMS, type SET and send it to 543211. To Set a song as the caller tune by call, dial 543211 followed by the song code.

For subscribing to the Airtel hello tunes facilities, the Airtel users need to call on 543211 from their registered numbers. If you already have the song code, you can set the song as your caller tune by sending an SMS. For this, type SET –space- song code, and send it to Airtel ringtone number 543211.

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Again, to set the name caller tune as your caller tune in Airtel, all you have to do is send an SMS by typing NT – space – First name and send it to Airtel caller tune toll free number 543215.


Setting Airtel Caller Tune through Wynk App:

If you are already using the Wynk application, setting the caller tune becomes very easy. You don’t even need to use the caller tune number for setting the song. Here is how you can set the caller tune using the Wynk app.

  • First of all, download the Wynk App on your phone and install it if you are not using it.
  • For the people who already have the Wynk app on their phone, sign up using the Airtel registered number.
  • Search for the song you want to set as your caller tune.
  • Play the tune before confirming it as your hello tune.
  • Click on the tab “Tune button” and activate it.

Once you give a click on the Tune Button, the song gets activated as your caller tune. On the other hand, if your internet connection is slow, and you fail to activate the caller tune, you need to make changes in the APN network settings. Doing so would improve the network connectivity for Airtel and you can again try the same method for activating your favorite song as your caller tune.

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What are the Airtel Caller tune charges?

Airtel provides the hello tune services at a very minimal cost.

  • The cost of setting a caller tune through the Airtel hello tune number toll free number is zero.
  • The cost of using the caller tune setting number 543211 for setting the caller tune is Rs.3 per minute.
  • The monthly subscription fees for the selected caller tune is Rs.36.
  • The total cost of the 90-day subscription for the selected caller tune is Rs.15.

For unsubscribing the selected Airtel caller tune, you have to give a call on the number 543211808. You can also send an SMS to the number 543211 by typing STOP.

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FAQs Related to Airtel Hello Caller Tune 2023

What is Airtel Caller Tune Number?

To activate Airtel Caller Tune or Hello Tune, Airtel User can dial 543215.

How to Deactivate or Stop Airtel Hello Tune?

Airtel User can call on 543211808 number to Stop Airtel Caller tune or Hello Tune.

Any Toll Free number for airtel ringtone number?

543215 number, which is toll free, can be dialed from your Airtel phone to start or stop the Airtel Ringtone.


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