AESPA Members Age, Birthday, Height & Weight 2023

AESPA is a famous girl group from South Korea and it was latest formed under SM Entertainment in the year 2020. Later on, the group went on to earn numerous Rookie and Debut Awards as they stepped into the k-pop era. The idea behind the name Aespa was from the combination of the English initials, ‘avatar’ and ‘experience’ which means Avatar x Experience, and this combined with ‘aspect’, which means ‘two sides’ and it was a symbol of ‘meeting the other self and experiencing the new world’.

As soon as they debut, the aespa members hit song was marked as the number 5 in the US World Song Sales. Following that, their second song also went bagging the 11th position in the World Song Sale as well. Later, their third song was also a hit and was ranked 2nd on the Gaon Music Chart. In entire Japan, it went on to be a huge hit and was ranked the number 65 on the Billboard 200.

AESPA debut date

The official whom the group debuted is on the 17th of November, 2020 when they released their song Black Mamba and it ultimately became a hit song. This very song played a huge role in giving the deserved recognition to the AESPA group. The song was so popular that, 7 months after its release, it crossed 160 million views on YouTube.

How many members of AESPA?

There are four members in AESPA and their name and description regarding aespa profile is as follows:-

AESPA Members Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Height & Weight

AESPA Members Name


AESPA Birthday

AESPA Height

AESPA Weight

AESPA Zodiac Sign


23 11 April 2000 168 CM 45 KG Aries


23 30 October 2000 163 CM 46 KG Scorpio


22 1 January 2001 164 CM 44 KG Capricorn


21 23 October 2002 161 CM 43 KG Scorpio

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Though her stage name is Karina, her full name is Yoo Ji Min. This member of aespa age is 23 years old and her date of birth is on the 11th of April, 2000. In terms of height, she is 167 cm tall and she weighs somewhere around 45 kg. Lastly, her zodiac sign is Aries. Some of their famous achievements of Karina include her performing in the virtual showcase that Hyundai Motors held. Additionally, this member of the aespa position is the main dancer of the group. Thus, in a nutshell, it can be said that she is the face of the group and also the leader.


Giselle’s full name is Aeri Uchinaga she stands 166 cm tall. Her age is 23 years old and her birthday falls on 30th October. In terms of the zodiac sign, she is a Scorpio. The weight of Giselle is still unavailable. Giselle is famous for being the Japanese-Korean rapper as well as a singer in the group. Besides being a rapper, she is the ace trainer of the guitar. Also, she is fluent in English.


The full name of winter is Kim Min Jeong. Her height is 165cm and she is a Capricorn. In terms of age, this aespa member’s age is 22 years old and her birthday is on the 1st of January. Her weight is still unknown. She is the second-youngest member of the group and also the very first member that SM Entertainment introduced to the world as a member of the group. One of her achievements includes her being nominated for the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2020.


The full name of Ningning is Ning Yizhuo. She is 165 cm tall and her weight is around 43 kg. In the case of the Zodiac sign, like Giselle, she is also a Scorpio. Since she was born on October 23, 2002, she is 21 years old. She is the very youngest member of this girl group. Thus, she is the aespa maknae of the group. She has various solo achievements, one of such achievements includes her participating in web shows and shows, for example, let’s sing kids 3 where participated as a contestant. Apart from that, she also was in a web show name MY SMT previously in the year 2016.


Thus, everything regarding aespa’s kpop profile is mentioned above. The girl group went on endorsing a few of the brands as well. One of such brands is Givenchy where Aespa became its global ambassador. This very endorsement is a big deal as Givenchy being the French Fashion house, chose Aespa who was the former’s very first chosen K-pop chosen artist. Following that very year, this girl group got and accepted the endorsement offer of Clio which is a Korean cosmetics brand.

According to the latest news, it is suspected that SM Entertainment is thinking of adding one more member to the group ever since they have debuted. The group’s first-ever achievement was to win an award for Daesang (Stage of the Year) at the Asia Artist Awards. Following 2 days, the group went on to win their second-ever award Daesang at 2021 at the Melon Music Awards for Record of the Year. Thus, these are everything that was there to know concerning aespa members’ profiles about this girl group.

Who is aespa maknae?

Ningning is playing role of aespa maknae.

When did AESPA debuted?

The AESPA Kpop Group debuted on 17th of November, 2020.

How many members in AESPA Kpop Group?

There are total 4 Members in AESPA Kpop Group, Karina, Winter, Giselle and Ningning.

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