Administrative Setup

 Administrative Setup of Srinagar Dev. Authority

 The  present Administrative Setup of the Srinagar Development Authority with their Job Chart


Principal Secretary to Government, H&UDD  is the Chairman of the Board of members of SDA .

 Vice Chairman 

The  Vice Chairman  is the head of Department of the organization  /Authority, who is assisted by the sub-heads of following Wings  on the matters relating to their discipline:

 Establishment/Administrative Wing :

The Administrative Section of the  SDA is headed by the   Secretary,SDA  whose job is to  look after the administrative/establishment matters of SDA.

Land Management Wing.

The wing is headed by Director, land Management and  looks after  land bank and assets of SDA including disposal of properties, Revenue  Realization, Receipts, Recoveries and Evictions  of SDA.

Law Section works under the Director, Land Management. Legal Department advises the Authority on legal issues and handles litigations by and against the Authority in various courts through its panel of Advocates.

Finance Wing.

Finance Wing is headed by FA/CAO. This wing looks after finance matters of SDA. Maintains  Establishment of records. Preparation  of budget proposals, Receipts and Expenditures.

 Engineering Wing.

This wing is headed by  Executive Engineer and looks after all works  executed by the Authority.

Town planning Wing.

This Wing is headed by Senior town planner . This wing looks after Master Plan proposals, Planning and Architectural side. Preparation of zonal plans. Preparation of designs  for projects envisaged by  SDA.This Wing also  issues building permissions for SDA owned colonies/local area.

 Enforcement  Wing: 

This wing is headed by Dy. Director, Enforcement   and  looks after the encroachments and violations in local area of Srinagar Dev. Authority.

LEGAL Wing;-

There is a full-fledged Legal Section in the SDA, works under the control of Director, Land management which deals with The winglooks after all the legal  issues  of SDA in both High Court and Lower Courts.

I.T Wing:-

The wing looks after all the IT related works besides giving  IT solutions to the Department  in accordance to the latest technologies and also manages, monitors and updated the official website of SDA.