How to Activate SMS Pack in Airtel? – 5 Rs SMS Pack Code

Airtel comes with a huge network circle in India. No doubt, the plans and offers the company provides are higher compared to other telecom services, they are still popular for their speed and coverage. The most promising feature of this network is the internet speed it gives. However, apart from the network, the SMS pack is also attractive with low cost compared to other companies. The consumers can select from limited and unlimited packages for SMS with both monthly and daily validities according to your requirement. And to your surprise, the Airtel SMS pack price is merely Rs.5. Currently, this is the most popular SMS pack from Airtel.

Are you also willing to enjoy the benefits of the Airtel Rs.5 SMS Pack? But confused about how to activate it? Here we are with all the answers regarding the activation and other details related to Airtel SMS Pack.

What is the Airtel 5 Rs. SMS Pack Code?

Airtel SMS Pack USSD Code is a number through which one can activate the SMS Pack on the Airtel number. This code is a boon for the Airtel SIM Card users who are in an emergency and don’t have sufficient balance to send any SMS. Once the code is activated, the user can easily send an SMS of merely Rs.5. The consumers should also note that the SMS Pack would expire after 12 days of activation.

How to Activate Airtel 5 Rs. SMS Pack?

How to activate SMS pack in Airtel? Is this what you are searching for? Well, here is the answer to the question.

  • Firstly, open your phone and go to the dialling application.
  • Dial the code *121#.
  • Press the call button.
  • A new window would appear on the screen.
  • Press 1 on the screen and then press send.
  • Again a new window would open on the screen.
  • Press the 7 button and then press send.
  • Again a new window would open on the screen.
  • Press the 4 buttons and then press send again.

The new window that would appear will contain the Airtel SMS pack details. Once the Airtel 5 Rs. SMS pack gets activated, and you shall receive a message on its activation and other important details along with the expiration date.

How to Activate Airtel 5 Rs. SMS Pack Online?

Another question that arrives here is how to get free SMS pack in Airtel online. And here is the answer. For activating the SMS pack online, the consumers need to visit the online website of Airtel or install the Airtel Thanks App. Once you are ready with either of them, here are the steps you have to follow to activate the Airtel recharge SMS pack.

  • Open the Airtel Thanks App or Airtel official website.
  • Select the Recharge option available on the bottom left.
  • On the new page, select the option Prepaid and enter the 10-digit Airtel number.
  • Now select the option Go to Other Packs.
  • Select the Rs. 5 SMS Pack from the list.
  • Now select the mode of payment from credit card or Airtel money.
  • Now give a click on Recharge.

Wait for some time after clicking on Recharge. You shall soon receive a confirmation message from Airtel that the Rs. 5 SMS pack is activated. The confirmation date would also have the details of the expiration date.


How to Activate SMS Pack Through the Main Balance?

Is the question of how to recharge the SMS pack in Airtel from the main balance disturbing you? Well, if you are having sufficient balance in your Prepaid account, you can also use it for activating the Free SMS pack. Here is how you can activate the SMS pack.

  • Go to your mobile phone and dial the code *121#.
  • A dialogue box would appear on the screen, type 1 and send it.
  • Again a dialogue box would automatically appear on the screen, type 7 and send it.
  • Again, a new dialogue would appear, now dial 4 and send it.
  • Now for activating the Free SMS pack dial 3 and send it again.

The new dialogue box would have all the details of the Free SMS packs available from Airtel. Select the suitable SMS pack and dial the relevant number from the list. For Airtel free SMS pack activation of Rs.5, dial 1 and send it. A confirmation message would appear with all the details and expiration date of the SMS pack. Again, it should be noted that while activating the SMS pack through this method, the customer needs to act fast with the typing as delaying would lead to failure of the activation with a message “Unknown Application” on the screen.

The Airtel SMS pack for 1 day is getting popular these days as it is one of the cheapest SMS packs in the telecom industry. This pack is very useful if you are looking for a one-day SMS pack for some work.

Is Airtel 5 Rs SMS Pack Available?

Yes, Airtel 5 Rs SMS Pack is available for recharge onine.

How to Activate SMS Pack in Airtel?

You can follow the above mentioned guide to activate SMS pack in Airtel online.

How to get Free Sms Pack in Airtel?

To get Free SMS Pack in Airtel, follow the above mentioned guide and get emergency balance as SMS in Main account.

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