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The router manages the WiFi network at your home and office. Connecting the new router directly to the power gives you basic networks with certain routers present, which might need configuring. If this happens, it is important to first log in to the router IP with the username and password prior to starting with the new internet network setup. Even if your internet service provider might have done the installation process, you still sometimes have to log in to the IP address for performing certain adjustments or updates.

How to look for your IP address and log in to the router?

Here is how you can search for your IP address login page:

  • Firstly, turn on your device like laptop, computer, mobile, tablet, etc. and connect the device with the router (In case you are connecting a laptop or computer, use the WiFi to connect) Make sure the router and the internet connection have a stable network.
  • Once your device is connected to the router, go to a web browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.
  • As the browser opens, go to the search bar and type in it (Make sure you directly type this link http 192.168 8.1 on the search bar on top of the window that takes you to the website directly).

Once you have typed the link, it would directly take you to the router’s login page. It should also be noted that you will have to log in to the router before making any kind of changes in the router.

Are you logging in to the router for the first time? If yes, all the details like the login username and password would be the default ones that are connected with the router. All the default details are mentioned on the base of the router. If the router doesn’t have such details, they are also available on the user manual or the official website of the router brand. Again, it should also be known that certain router models don’t require any kind of details for first-time login.

How to reset the router with

Have you already logged in before? Have you made changes to the username or password before? In such a case, you will have to use that updated or changed username and password. But what if you have already forgotten the password? If this happens, you have to reset the router to return back to the default username and password. However, it should be noted that resetting the router would erase any changes you might have made.

Here is how you can reset the router:

  • Turn on the router and press and hold the reset button which is located on the back side of the modem.
  • You can use a pen or a pointed thing for pressing the button for around 30 seconds.
  • When you are pressing the button, unplug the router switch from the power and wait for 30 more seconds.

Finally, while the button is still held, plug the router again and wait for 30 more seconds. Lastly, go back to the router’s interface page as mentioned above and start logging in again.

Configuring with the Router:

Have you successfully logged in to your router’s interface? It is now the right time to make changes in the settings of the router as per your preferences. No doubt, the acronyms and numbers appearing can be quite scary, but be calm if you make any mistakes you can easily go back to the default settings through the reset button. Here is how you can make changes in the configurations of the router.

192.168 8.1

  • Firstly, visit the General settings option in the Menu.
  • Select the router password option or any other similar option.
  • Enter the password you wish to set.
  • Save the changes you have made.

Once you save the changes, restart the device and your settings would be saved. You can make changes to the username in the same way as your choice.

How to change the local IP address?

Another setting one might need to or wish to change is the Local IP address of the router. This would help in differentiating between the local and public IP addresses. If you make changes in the local IP address, access to the router 192.168 8.1 IP address would not be possible. So, make sure you note down the new IP address. For changing the IP address, here is what you have to do:

  • Go to the option Setup Menu or any other similar option.
  • Select the option network settings.
  • Below the option router settings, type the new IP address you wish to keep.
  • Save the changes.

Once you save the changes, you need to restart the device and it will start working with the new IP address. All such changes help in increasing the strength of the IP address and the router.

Which Wifi Router Brands uses

Brands like B J Tech, Adaptech, GI.I Net, Ignition Design Labs, MEdialink, and Nexx uses IP address for Router Admin Page.

What is the Most default login ID and Password for

The Most default Login ID and Password for is Username: cameras, Password: cameras.

How to log in to 192.168 8.1?

To access or log in to 192.168 8.1, You need to follow the Steps mentioned above in guide. Those steps will help you to get desired results.

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