– Admin Login Guide, Change Wifi Settings is among the 65,536 private IPv4 IP addresses with 16-Bit blocks. Such private addresses are used for LANs or Local Area Networks in residential premises, offices, or even in enterprise environments. Again, they are quite difficult to reach compared to the public internet.

The private IP addresses are defined by IANA or Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, one of the non-profit private American corporations that checks the allocation of IP addresses globally for delaying the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses. As 192.168. 2.1 IP address is envisioned completely for private use; everyone can easily use it through the private network without generating any kind of conflicts in the IP address. In fact, the chances are high that you might be using this private IP address right now in your own home as this is among the default IP addresses for various routers including Edimax, SMC, Siemens, and even Belkin.

Apart from routers, this IP address is also used by various smart home appliances, security cameras, intelligent thermostats, baby monitors, and other devices used in modern homes. As the private IP addresses aren’t different, they are not connected with any kind of domain name. Henceforth, it is essential to use this IP address in the URL field of your web browser rather than typing other words like “myrouter.com” etc.

So, today, through this piece of information, let’s learn about the IP address, how to log into the router using the IP address, and much more.

How to log into the router through

Many times people start by encountering the private IP address while trying to use the router settings. Here is how you can log into the router through the IP address.

  • Firstly, you need to open the web browser on your device. Go to the URL bar and enter in it. On clicking the tab “Enter”, a router login screen would appear on the screen.
  • Enter the username and password of the administrator and give a click on “Submit”. Mostly the common username and password of the router is admin/admin. But if it doesn’t apply, you need to use the default usernames and passwords.
  • And for this, you can simply reset the router and the default username and password would be applicable. However, it should be marked that once you reset the router, you shall lose all the changes you might have made in the router.

How to configure the router with

Once you have successfully logged in to the router 192.168 2.1, you can now make changes in the settings as per your requirements. The huge strings of acronyms and numbers might be irritating, but the good point here is that you can easily go back to the original settings through the reset button. However, the first thing you need to start with is changing the login details which can be done through the steps given below.

  • Firstly, click the menu general settings.
  • Select the router password option or any other similar option.
  • Now type your desired password.

After entering the new password, save the changes you have made. Using the same menu, you can also search for the username and change it also as per your requirements.

How to change the name of the WiFi Network?

Using the settings of the actual router changed by you, one can easily start exploring the name of the WiFi network. The Service Set Identifier or the SSID is the name that differentiates the WiFi network of the router from other routers nearby. You can name it any name you wish however; it shouldn’t be offensive. It should be a generic name that can help in differentiating your network from others. For this,

  • Visit the Setup Menu or any other similar option.
  • Select the option “wireless settings”.
  • Type the desired network name in the field SSID.

After typing the network name, save the changes. When changing the WiFi network name, you can also set the password. The option would be available on the same Menu list.

These settings would allow the user to strengthen the security of your router which is very important for anyone using the internet. After that, you can easily use the router and explore the internet without any tension or worries. Again, some routers also serve with parental settings while others allow you to use multiple networks or even the VPN service.

Correct IP Address



Incorrect IP Address

  • 192.168. 2.1

  • 192.168 2.1

  • 192.168..2.1

  • http 192.168 2.1

The 192.168..2.1 private IP address would be automatically assigned to the router. Again, if you are not sure of what IP address you are using, you can easily get detailed information about the router base through the user manual which is given along with the router. The settings are also mentioned on the website of the manufacturer.

Henceforth, http 192.168 2.1 is among the private, gateway, or local IP addresses that are considered to be essential for the WiFi network you are using.

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