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Are you aware of the IP address? Many might have heard about it, while others might not know about it. However, it is an IP address that everyone should be aware of. It might sound a little strange, but this is the default IP address for various routers or modems which can also be used for getting access to the network of your house from outside or anywhere.

When one types the IP address on the browser’s address bar, he/she would get access to the admin interface of their modem or router. The IP address is widely used by various modem or router brands like Technicolor, Thomson, or even Billion. However, it should be noted that this is not the only standard IP address. There are various other IP addresses used for getting access to your wireless router, VoIP Gateway control panel, or DSL Wireless Router. This kind of standard IP is termed a Default Gateway IP.

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Click on the below link to access the Admin or Login page of your Wifi router page.

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Nearly 8 out of 10 people are unaware of their IP address. The IP address is needed in only one situation, that is when setting up the process of execution by the technician. Hence, the user never gets in touch with the 192.168 1 254 address. But sometimes, the user might need to change the WiFi Network Name or the SSID, for parental controls, or for working on the Wi-Fi password. In such a situation, you need to have the IP address. For this, you have to log in to the router and check out the navigation panel from where you can manage and configure the data traffic and router settings, as well as check out the statistics.

How and where to log in for the IP address?

For logging in to the IP address, open your browser and type and the login page would directly appear on the screen through the admin panel. Next, if you are not aware of the password or if you have entered the wrong password, you can easily reset the modem to factory settings and continue with the process.

How to reset the password for 192.168.l.254?

For resetting the password for the IP address, all you have to do is reset the modem. For this, simply click on the reset option or button available on the back side of the modem or the bottom of the modem. On holding the reset button for a minimum of 20 seconds, the modem will get restored automatically to factory settings.

However, it should be noted that while resetting the modem, the online connection would stop. Hence, it is advisable to contact an expert for resetting the modem. Again, if you are not sure about the entire process of resetting, it is advisable to seek someone’s help who is having the knowledge of resetting the modem.

What is the difference between and 192.168.I.254?

Have you checked both IP addresses properly? If yes, you might have marked that there is an I included in the IP address instead of 1. It should be known that an IP address is composed using only numbers and no alphabets. Hence, typing http//192.168.l.254 instead of the right IP address would bring you zero results, and hence your issue would remain unsolved.

Some of the popular brands that use the //192.168.l.254 IP addresses include Linksys, 2Wire, Aztech, Alcatel, Westell, Motorola, CenturyLink, Nepotia Cayman, SparkLAN, 3Com, Thomson, and Billion. This is a simple IP address that is used by various private networks through IETF or Internet Engineering Task Force, one of the open standards organizations that promote and develops voluntary Internet Standards along with IANA or Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, the non-profit private American corporation which checks on the global IP address allocation.

Wrong IP address

Many people are mistakingly using the wrong way to access the admin panel of Below are some of the examples.

  • 192.168.l.254

  • https //192.168.l.254

  • http //192.168.l.254

  • 192.168 l 254

  • //192.168.l.254

Correct IP Address

There is only TWO correct way to access the admin panel of Below are two ways;



How to access the Router’s Admin Panel?

For having the access to the admin panel of the router, all you have to do is enter the URL http //192.168.l.254/remindme on the address bar of your browser and enter. If that is not your IP address, you need to enter “ipconfig” in the address bar and search for “Default Gateway” below the section “Local Area Connection”. Next, you have to use the admin name and password and enter it on the log-in page. While trying to use the admin name and password, if you face any kind of issue or unexpected problem, it is highly advised to go for a factory reset for your router and restore the default settings.

Conclusion: is one of the thousands of private IP addresses that is used by various routers for identifying themselves on the network. Such IP addresses are not accessible from the internet. Hence it is important to remember this IP address as you might need it for changing the settings of your router as gives you access to the admin panel.

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