Purchase Committee

SDA Purchase Committee for the year 2014-15 comprises of following officers:

1.Financial Advisor/CAO, SDA.

2.Secretary, SDA

3.Executive Engineer or his nominee not below the rank of Asstt. Ex. Engineer.

As per this office order No. issued vide ORDER NO:SDA/VC/444 of 2014 Dated:11/12 of 2014,the Purchase Committee shall meet at desired frequency for purchase of office equipments and machinery/utilities in accordance with the laid procedure and codal formalities. However, purchase/s upto Rs. 15,000/-(Rupees fifteen thousand) only  shall be made  by the Financial Advisor /CAO SDA with approval of the Competent Authority/Vice Chairman as and when required.

In case of Electrical  purchase/s Mr. Basharat Rasool, Assistant Engineer(Electric) shall be co-opted as member of the Committee.